[email protected] Binding

This binding integrates [email protected] appliances. [email protected] is a Zigbee based network to interconnect and control Miele appliances that are equipped with special modules. See www.miele.de for the list of available appliances.

Supported Things

Dishwasher Fridge Fridge/Freezer combination Hob Hood Oven Microwave/Oven combination Tumbledryer Washingmachine


The binding is able to auto-discover the Miele XGW3000 gateway. When an XGW3000 gateway is discovered, all appliances can be subsequently discovered.

Thing Configuration

Each appliances needs the device Zigbee UID as a configuration parameter. The Zigbee UID is nowhere to be found on the appliances, but since the discovery works quite reilably, a manual configuration is not needed.

However, in the thing file, a manual configuration looks like this:

Bridge miele:xgw3000:dilbeek [ipAddress="", interface=""] {
Thing fridgefreezer freezer [uid="00124b000424be44#2"]
Thing hood hood [uid="001d63fffe020685#210"]
Thing fridge fridge [uid="00124b000424bdc0#2"]
Thing oven oven [uid="001d63fffe020390#210"]
Thing oven microwave [uid="001d63fffe0206eb#210"]
Thing hob hob [uid="00124b000424bed7#2"]
Thing dishwasher dishwasher [uid="001d63fffe020683#210"]
Thing tumbledryer dryer [uid="001d63fffe0200ba#210"]
Thing washingmachine washingmachine [uid="001d63fffe020505#210"]


The definition of the channels in use can best be checked in the source repository.



String MieleFridgeState  (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:state"}
Switch MieleFridgeSuperCool (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:supercool"}
Number MieleFridgeCurrent (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:current"}
Number MieleFridgeTarget (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:target"}
Contact MieleFridgeDoor (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:door"}
Switch MieleFridgeStart (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:start"}