Kostal Inverter Binding

Scrapes the web interface of the inverter for the metrics of the supported channels below.

Kostal Pico

Supported Things

Tested with Kostal Inverter Pico but might work with other inverters from kostal too.




  • acPower
  • totalEnergy
  • dayEnergy
  • status
  • str1Voltage
  • str1Current
  • str2Voltage
  • str2Current
  • l1Voltage
  • l1Power
  • l2Voltage
  • l2Power
  • l3Voltage
  • l3Power

Thing Configuration


Thing kostalinverter:kostalinverter:inverter [ url="" ]

If the thing goes online then the connection to the web interface is successful. In case it is offline you should see an error message. You optionally can define a userName and a password parameter if the access to the webinterface is protected and a desired refreshInterval (the time interval between updates, default 60 seconds).



Number:Power SolarPower "Solar power [%.1f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:inverter:acPower" }
Number:Energy SolarEnergyDay "Solar day energy [%.3f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:inverter:dayEnergy" }
Number:Energy SolarTotalEnergy "Solar total energy [%.3f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:inverter:totalEnergy" }
String SolarStatus "Solar status [%s]" <energy> { channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:inverter:status" }