ValloxMV Binding

This binding is designed to connect to the web interface of Vallox MV series of ventilation unit. It has been tested so far only with Vallox 350 MV and 510 MV.

Supported Things

There is one thing (valloxmv) supporting the connection via the web interface of the Vallox MV. There is NO support of former modbus connected devices.


This binding does not support any discovery, IP address has to be provided.

Thing Configuration

The Thing needs the information at which IP the web interface could be reached and how often the values should be updated. Minimum update interval is limited to 15 sec in order to avoid polling again before results have been evaluated.

Config Description Type Default
ip IP address of web interface string n/a
updateinterval Interval in seconds in which the interface is polled int 60


Overview of provided channels

Channel ID Vallox Name Description Read/Write Values
onoff A_CYC_MODE On off switch rw On/Off
state several Current state of ventilation unit rw 1=FIREPLACE, 2=AWAY, 3=ATHOME, 4=BOOST
fanspeed A_CYC_FAN_SPEED Fan speed r 0 - 100 (%)
fanspeedextract A_CYC_EXTR_FAN_SPEED Fan speed of extracting fan r 1/min
fanspeedsupply A_CYC_SUPP_FAN_SPEED Fan speed of supplying fan r 1/min
tempinside A_CYC_TEMP_EXTRACT_AIR Extracted air temp r Number (°C)
tempoutside A_CYC_TEMP_OUTDOOR_AIR Outside air temp r Number (°C)
tempexhaust A_CYC_TEMP_EXHAUST_AIR Exhausted air temp r Number (°C)
tempincomingbeforeheating A_CYC_TEMP_SUPPLY_CELL_AIR Incoming air temp (pre heating) r Number (°C)
tempincoming A_CYC_TEMP_SUPPLY_AIR Incoming air temp r Number (°C)
humidity A_CYC_RH_VALUE Extracted air humidity r 0 - 100 (%)
cellstate A_CYC_CELL_STATE Current cell state r 0=heat recovery, 1=cool recovery, 2=bypass, 3=defrosting
uptimeyears A_CYC_TOTAL_UP_TIME_YEARS Total uptime years r Y
uptimehours A_CYC_TOTAL_UP_TIME_HOURS Total uptime hours r h
uptimehourscurrent A_CYC_CURRENT_UP_TIME_HOURS Total uptime hours r h

Full Example

Things file

Thing valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung [ip="", updateinterval=60]

Items file

Number State                   "Current state: [%d]"   {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:state"}
Number FanSpeed                "Fanspeed [%d %%]"  {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:fanspeed"}

Number Temp_TempInside         "Temp inside [%.1f °C]" <temperature>    {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:tempinside"}
Number Temp_TempOutside        "Temp outside [%.1f °C]"    <temperature>      {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:tempoutside"}
Number Temp_TempExhaust        "Temp outgoing [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>   {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:tempexhaust"}
Number Temp_TempIncoming       "Temp incoming [%.1f °C]"   <temperature>   {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:tempincoming"}

Number Humidity                "Humidity [%d %%]"  {channel="valloxmv:valloxmv:lueftung:humidity"}