Yeelight Binding

This binding integrates the Yeelight Lighting Product.

Supported Things


To control Yeelight devices with this binding, you need to connect the device to your local network at first with the Yeelight app. This app is available in the iOS AppStore and on Google Play.

Then you need to activate LAN control mode by enable Developer Mode in device settings, after which it will become discoverable by openHAB.


Yeelight smart LED devices announce themselves on the network through UPnP, so that they can be discovered.

Thing Configuration

All Yeelight things require the deviceId from the device as a configuration parameter:

Parameter Values Mandatory
deviceId ID of the Yeelight device Yes


All devices support some of the following channels:

Channel Item Type Description
brightness Dimmer This channel supports adjusting the brightness value, it is available on dolphin and ceiling.
color Color This channel supports color control, it is available on wonder and stripe.
colorTemperature Dimmer This channel supports adjusting the color temperature, it is available on wonder and stripe and `ceiling.

Full Example


Thing yeelight:stripe:1 [ deviceId="0x000000000321a1bc" ]


Color YeelightLEDColor { channel="yeelight:stripe:1:color" }