Doorbird Binding

Binding for Doorbird D101 and D210x video doorbells.

Supported Things

Two thing types are supported:

  • Doorbird D101
  • Doorbird D210x


Auto-discovery is not supported at this time.

Thing Configuration

The following configuration parameters are available on the Doorbird thing:

Parameter Required/Optional Description
ID Required The ID number of the Doorbird device. This is usually a single digit (e.g. 1).
Hostname Required The hostname or IP address of the Doorbird device.
User ID Required User Id of a Doorbird user that has permissions to access the camera, motion sensor, etc. The User ID and Password must be created using the Doorbird smart phone application.
Password Required Password of a Doorbird user.
Image Refresh Rate Optional Rate at which image channel should be automatically updated. Leave field blank (default) to disable refresh.
Doorbell Off Delay Optional Number of seconds to wait before setting doorbell channel OFF after a doorbell event. Leave field blank to disable.
Motion Off Delay Optional Number of seconds to wait before setting motion channel OFF after a motion event. Leave field blank to disable.
Montage Number of Images Required Number of images to include in the doorbell and motion montage images. Default is 0.
Montage Scale Factor Required Percent scaling factor for montage image. Default is 100.


The following channels are supported by the binding.

Channel ID Item Type Description
doorbell Trigger Generates PRESSED event when doorbell is pressed
doorbellTimestamp DateTime Timestamp when doorbell was pressed
doorbellImage Image Image captured when the doorbell was pressed
doorbellHistoryIndex Number Index of historical image for doorbell press
doorbellHistoryTimestamp DateTime Time when doorbell was pressed for history image
doorbellHistoryImage Image Historical image for doorbell press
doorbellMontage Image Concatenation of first n doorbell history images
motion Switch Changes to ON when the device detects motion
motionTimestamp DateTime Timestamp when motion sensor was triggered
motionImage Image Image captured when motion was detected
motionHistoryIndex Number Index of Historical image for motion
motionHistoryTimestamp DateTime Time when motion was detected for history image
motionHistoryImage Image Historical image for motion sensor
motionMontage Image Concatenation of first n motion history images
light Switch Activates the light relay
openDoor1 Switch Activates the door 1 relay
openDoor2 Switch Activates the door 2 relay (D210x only)
image Image Image from the doorbird camera
imageTimestamp DateTime Time when image was captured from device


Using the system default switch profile rawbutton-on-off-switch in a doorbell channel item definition will cause ON/OFF states to be set when the doorbell is pressed and released. See Items example below.

Rule Actions

The binding supports the following actions. In classic rules these are accessible as shown in this example (adjust getActions with your ThingId):


Restarts the Doorbird device.


Hangs up a SIP call.


val actions = getActions("doorbird","doorbird:d101:doorbell")
if(actions === null) {
    logInfo("actions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")

Known Issues

The Doorbird uses the UDP protocol on port 6524 to broadcast events for Doorbird actions, such as doorbell pressed, motion detected, etc. If the Doorbord is on a separate subnet or VLAN from openHAB, those UDP packets will not route by default. In that case, the Doorbird binding will not receive those events. Either put the Doorbird and openHAB on the same subnet/VLAN, or set up your network to explicitly route those UDP packets.

Full Example


Thing doorbird:d101:doorbell Doorbird D101


Switch                      Doorbell_Pressed
                            "Doorbell Pressed [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbell" [profile="rawbutton-on-off-switch"] }

DateTime                    Doorbell_PressedTimestamp
                            "Doorbell Pressed Timestamp [%1$tA, %1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellTimestamp" }

Image                       Doorbell_PressedImage
                            "Doorbell Pressed Image [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellImage" }

Switch                      Doorbell_Motion
                            "Doorbell Motion [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motion" }

DateTime                    Doorbell_MotionTimestamp
                            "Doorbell Motion Timestamp [%1$tA, %1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionTimestamp" }

Image                       Doorbell_MotionDetectedImage
                            "Motion Detected Image [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionImage" }

Switch                      Doorbell_Light
                            "Doorbell Light [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:light", expire="5s,command=OFF" }

Switch                      Doorbell_OpenDoor1
                            "Doorbell Open Door 1 [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:openDoor1", expire="5s,command=OFF" }

Image                       Doorbell_Image
                            "Doorbell Image [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:image" }
Number                      Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryIndex
                            "Doorbell History Index [%.0f]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellHistoryIndex" }

DateTime                    Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryTimestamp
                            "Doorbell History Timestamp [%1$tA, %1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellHistoryTimestamp" }

Image                       Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryImage
                            "Doorbell History Image [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellHistoryImage" }

Number                      Doorbell_MotionHistoryIndex
                            "Motion History Index [%.0f]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionHistoryIndex" }

DateTime                    Doorbell_MotionHistoryTimestamp
                            "Motion History Timestamp [%1$tA, %1$tm/%1$td/%1$tY %1$tl:%1$tM %1$tp]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionHistoryTimestamp" }

Image                       Doorbell_MotionHistoryImage
                            "Motion History Image [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionHistoryImage" }

Image                       Doorbell_DoorbellMontage
                            "Doorbell History Montage [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbellMontage" }

Image                       Doorbell_MotionMontage
                            "Motion History Montage [%s]"
                            { channel="doorbird:d101:doorbell:motionMontage" }


Frame {
    Text label="Doorbird" {
        Frame label="Image" {
            Image item=Doorbell_Image
        Frame label="Events" {
            Text item=Doorbell_Pressed
            Text item=Doorbell_PressedTimestamp
            Image item=Doorbell_PressedImage
            Text item=Doorbell_Motion
            Text item=Doorbell_MotionTimestamp
            Image item=Doorbell_MotionImage
        Frame label="Actions" {
            Switch item=Doorbell_OpenDoor1
            Switch item=Doorbell_Light
        Frame label="History" {
            Setpoint item=Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryIndex minValue=1 maxValue=50 step=1
            Switch item=Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryIndex label="Reset Index []" mappings=[1="Reset"]
            Text item=Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryTimestamp
            Image item=Doorbell_DoorbellHistoryImage
            Setpoint item=Doorbell_MotionHistoryIndex minValue=1 maxValue=50 step=1
            Switch item=Doorbell_MotionHistoryIndex label="Reset Index []" mappings=[1="Reset"]
            Text item=Doorbell_MotionHistoryTimestamp
            Image item=Doorbell_MotionHistoryImage
        Frame label="Doorbell Montage" {
            Image item=Doorbell_DoorbellMontage
        Frame label="Motion Montage" {
            Image item=Doorbell_MotionMontage


rule "Doorbell Button Pressed"
    Channel "doorbird:d101:doorbell:doorbell" triggered PRESSED
    // Do something when the doorbell is pressed