HPPrinter Binding

Get HP Printer statistics from an Embedded Web Server over Network.

Supported Things

There is only one thing named printer. Channels are added dynamically depending on the type of printer.


This Binding will auto-discover any HP Printer on the network via Bonjour.

Thing Configuration

The available settings are:

Setting Name Type Required Default
IP Address ipAddress string yes
Usage Refresh Interval (seconds) usageInterval number 30
Status Refresh Interval (seconds) statusInterval number 4

An example configuration is below:

Thing hpprinter:printer:djprinter "Printer" @ "Office" [ ipAddress="", usageInterval="30", statusInterval="4" ]


Channel Name Data Type Dynamic
Printer Status status String no
Black Colour Level blackLevel Number no
Colour Level colorLevel Number yes
Cyan Colour Level cyanLevel Number yes
Magenta Colour Level magentaLevel Number yes
Yellow Colour Level yellowLevel Number yes
Black Marking Used blackMarker Number yes
Colour Marking Used colorMarker Number yes
Cyan Marking Used cyanMarker Number yes
Magenta Marking Used magentaMarker Number yes
Yellow Marking Used yellowMarker Number yes
Total Number of Pages Printed totalCount Number no
Total Number of Colour Pages Printed totalColorCount Number yes
Total Number of Monochrome Pages Printed totalMonochromeCount Number yes
Jam Events jamEvents Number yes
Mispick Events mispickEvents Number yes
Front Panel Cancel Count fpCount Number yes

The colorLevel is used on Printers that have only a single colour cartridge instead of separate Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridges.