WAGO Binding v1

The WAGO Binding provides an interface to Ethernet-enabled Modbus-Controllers from WAGO.

It polls the controller in a configurable interval.

It fetches the configuration xml-file from the WAGO-Controller and derives the used modules, their position and their type from it.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/wago.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
refresh ??? No poll interval in milliseconds
<slave-name>.ip Yes Modbus slave IP address
<slave-name>.username Yes Modbus slave username
<slave-name>.password Yes Modbus slave password

Item Configuration



Example for a simple switch item bound to coil 3 of module 1 of "slave2":<

Switch MySwitch "My WAGO Switch" (ALL) {wago="slave2:1:3"}