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# MySQL Persistence v1

This service allows you to persist state updates using the MySQL (opens new window) database. Note that other SQL databases need a separate service due to incompatibilities between different SQL databases.

This persistence service supports writing information to MySQL relational database systems, as well as querying from them.

The service will create a mapping table called Items to link each item to a table, and a separate table is generated for each item. The item data tables include the time and data - the data type is dependent on the item type and allows the item state to be recovered back into openHAB in the same way it was stored.

# Configuration

This service can be configured in the file services/mysql.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
url Yes database URL, in the format jdbc:mysql://<host>:<port>/<database>. For example, jdbc:mysql://
user if needed database user
password if needed database password
reconnectCnt No reconnection counter. Setting this to 1 will cause the service to close the connection and reconnect if there are any errors.
waitTimeout No connection timeout (in seconds). This sets the number of seconds that MySQL will keep the session open without any transactions. It should default to 8 hours within mySQL, but some implementations may use lower values (possibly as low as 60 seconds) which would cause unnecessary reconnections. This value needs to be set higher than the maximum logging period.
sqltype.string No mapping of an openHAB item type to an SQL data type. See this issue (opens new window) for more information.
localtime false No use MySQL server time to store item values (if set to false) or use openHAB server time (if set to true). For new installations, setting this to true is recommended.

All item and event related configuration is done in the file persistence/mysql.persist.