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# MiOS Actions v1

This bundle exposes openHAB Rule extensions to be used with the MiOS Binding (1.x).

It exposes the ability to do the following things in the MiOS HA Controller from within openHAB rules]:

  • Device Actions - Asynchronously invoke MiOS Device Actions involving 0, 1 or more parameters.
  • Scenes Invocation - Asynchronously invoke MiOS Scenes

# Prerequisites

The MiOS Action bundle relies upon the MiOS Binding (1.x) being installed and configured. Once these are done, you're ready to use the rule extensions this bundle provides.

# Actions

  • sendMiosAction(Item item, String action) - requests the parameterless Device Action, specified through action, be invoked on the MiOS Device bound to item.
  • sendMiosAction(Item item, String action, List<<String,Object>> params) - as above, but for parameterized Device Actions.
  • sendMiosScene(Item scene) - requests the scene associated with the scene parameter be invoked on the MiOS Unit.

The action argument of the sendMiosAction action is a string of the form:




where ServiceURN, ServiceAlias and ServiceAction have the same form as described in MiOS Binding (1.x) commands.

You can use the MiOS invoke URL to discover the Actions, and Action-parameters, your particular MiOS device supports:


The available ServiceAction's are described in the MiOS Luup UPnP Variables and Actions (opens new window) documentation.

# Examples

  • Invoking a Device Action and calling a Scene to turn off the AV.
rule "Test action rules Off"
        Time cron "0 45 23 * * ?"
        sendMiosAction(FamilyMainLightsId, "Dimmer/SetLoadLevelTarget", newArrayList('newLoadlevelTarget' -> 0))
  • Invoking a Sonos Device on MiOS to say something
rule "Test action say"
        Item HallGarageDoorZoneTripped changed to OPEN
        sendMiosAction(OfficeSonosId, "Sonos/Say", newArrayList('Text' -> 'Warning! Garage door opened', 'Volume' -> 50))
  • Disarm your Alarm Panel (Paradox, GE, Ademco/Vista, DSC, etc)
rule "Test action Disarm"
        sendMiosAction(EVL3VistaPartition1ArmMode, 'Alarm/RequestArmMode', newArrayList('State' -> 'Disarmed', PINCode' -> 1234)