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# Squeezebox Actions v1

Interact directly with your Squeezebox devices from within rules and scripts.

# Prerequisites

You must install and configure the Squeezebox binding (1.x). The id you specify in your configuration will be used to identify which player to perform the specified action on. For example, in the configuration would be identified as Kitchen_Player in your rules.

# Actions

# Standard Actions

  • squeezeboxPower(String playerId, boolean power)
  • squeezeboxMute(String playerId, boolean mute)
  • squeezeboxVolume(String playerId, int volume)
  • squeezeboxPlay(String playerId)
  • squeezeboxPause(String playerId)
  • squeezeboxStop(String playerId)
  • squeezeboxNext(String playerId)
  • squeezeboxPrev(String playerId)

# Actions to play a URL on your Squeezebox devices

For example, start a radio stream when you wake up in the morning.

  • squeezeboxPlayUrl(String playerId, String url): Plays the URL on the specified player using the current volume
  • squeezeboxPlayUrl(String playerId, String url, int volume): Plays the URL on the specified player at the specified volume

# Actions to speak a message on your Squeezebox devices

  • squeezeboxSpeak(String playerId, String message)
  • squeezeboxSpeak(String playerId, String message, int volume)
  • squeezeboxSpeak(String playerId, String message, int volume, boolean resumePlayback)

Note: You need to have filled in the ttsurl details within the Squeezebox section in the configuration. Given the changes Google have made to their TTS usage allowances, you might have better luck registering for a key at (opens new window).

You can check you have the url and api working by pasting it into a browser with some text at the end is Major Tom to Ground Control

Then you can use the action in your rules however you want.

# Examples

Send announcement to specified player using current volume

squeezeboxSpeak("Kitchen_Player", "This is Major Tom to Ground Control")

Send announcement to specified player at specified volume

squeezeboxSpeak("Kitchen_Player", "I'm stepping through the door", 100)

Send announcement to specified player at specified volume

If resumePlayback=true resume to actual playlist after finishing message.

You might have to tweak some settings on your Squeezebox server and player regarding what defeats what when you add a song in the middle of a playlist.

squeezeboxSpeak("Kitchen_Player", "And I'm floating in a most peculiar way", 100, false)

Generating dynamic strings

squeezeboxSpeak("Kitchen_Player"," temperature outside is " + Weather_Temperature.state.format("%d") + " degrees celsius",75,true)