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# OpenWebIf Action v1

The OpenWebIf action allows you to send a message to enigma2-based Linux satellite receivers (Dreambox, VU+, Clarke-Tech, ...) with the installed OpenWebIf plugin.

# Configuration

Configure your satellite receivers in services/openwebif.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
receiver.<name>.host For example, vusolo2
receiver.<name>.port For example, 81
receiver.<name>.user For example, root
receiver.<name>.https For example, false

# Configuration Example

# Action

Now you can send a message to the configured receiver:

  • sendOpenWebIfNotification(NAME, MESSAGE, TYPE, TIMEOUT)
Parameter Meaning
NAME The configured name of the satellite receiver
MESSAGE The message to send to the receiver
TYPE The message type (INFO, WARNING, ERROR)
TIMEOUT How long the text will stay on the screen in seconds

# Examples

sendOpenWebIfNotification("main", "Hello World!\n\nThis is a message sent from openHab!", "WARNING", 10)