XMPP Actions v1

This set of actions allows you to send a message to an XMPP user or multi-user chat, or send a message with an attachment to an XMPP user.


  • sendXMPP(String to, String message): Sends a message to an XMPP user
  • sendXMPP(String to, String message, String attachmentUrl): Sends a message with an attachment to an XMPP user
  • chatXMPP(String message): Sends a message to a multi user chat


The XMPP Action service can be configured in services/xmpp.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
username The username of the XMPP account used by openHAB. Most services will require that you use only the localpart of the account's JID. For example if your account's JID is [email protected], then only configure myuser.
password The password of the XMPP account used by openHAB
servername The XMPP service to use, e.g. jabber.de. A list of public XMPP services can be found at https://xmpp.net/directory.php
securitymode disabled No The Security mode used for the XMPP connection. Can be either required or disabled. Defaults to disabled, which means that TLS will not be used. Warning: If you change this to non-disabled, then you must make sure that your TLS server certificate can be validated, otherwhise the connection will fail.
tlspin The TLS Pin used to verify the XMPP service's certificate. Set this in case openHAB's default SSLContext is unable to verify it (e.g. because the XMPP service uses a self-signed certificate). The PIN value is basically the hash of the certificate in hexadecimal notation. Set securitymode to required to enable TLS for XMPP connections. PIN generation is discussed in detail here or see this example. Example: tlspin=CERTSHA256:83:F9:17:1E:06:A3:13:11:88:89:F7:D7:93:02:BD:1B:7A:20:42:EE:0C:FD:02:9A:BF:8D:D0:6F:FA:6C:D9:D3
proxy The XMPP Proxyserver to use, e.g. gmail.com
port 5222 The server port to use
consoleusers A comma-separated list of users that are allowed to use the XMPP console
chatroom The multi user chat to join, e.g. [email protected]
chatnickname openhab-bot No The nickname used in the multi-user chat
chatpassword The password required to join the multi user chat

Note: openHAB does not resolve SRV entries like other XMPP clients do, you have to setup the server details manually. Generally, if [email protected] is your XMPP user ID and xmpp.example.net points to the server running the service, set servername to the actual server xmpp.example.net, the user name username to joe and proxy to the domain name part of your user ID example.org.

Example: Google

# You need this "tlspin" if openhab cannot verify the certificate from the google server <Badge type="warn" text="v1"/>
# you may need to add the cryptic talk.google.com address of your private google account to the allowed users <Badge type="warn" text="v1"/>
# check you openhab.log to found the address after you send something via Hangouts to your openHAB account <Badge type="warn" text="v1"/>

Example: Generate PIN

Assuming the PEM-encoded certificate is in a file called jabber.crt (it is PEM encoded if it contains the lines BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE with lots of dashes in them) this shell invocation prints the required value for the tlspin= configuration setting:

$ echo "CERTSHA256:$(openssl x509 -in "jabber.crt" -noout -fingerprint -sha256 | sed 's/.*=//')"

You then copy the whole last line into tlspin.