This page is part of archived documentation for openHAB 2.5. Go to the current stable version

# IntelliJ IDE

# Prerequisities

  • git, Maven, IntelliJ and Java 8 are installed

# Install OpenHAB distribution

  1. Install the official openHAB distribution (opens new window)
  2. Start the distribution in debug mode (use ./ instead of ./ in step 4)

This article refers to the directory where you installed the distribution as <DISTRO_DIR>.

# Build the addons repostory

  1. fork and clone the openhab addons repository (opens new window) into a new directory (Reference <ADDON_DIR> from now on for this arcticle)
    • git clone<yourgitusername>/openhab-addons (replace git user name accordingly)
  2. open IntelliJ and create a new Project from existing sources (File | New | Project from existing sources) and pick <ADDON_DIR>/pom.xml
    • IntelliJ will start importing, indexing and building, it will take while, wait until finished (see status bar)
  3. Use Maven to clean & install the addons project
    • mvn clean install in the root of <ADDON_DIR> using commandline Maven (or IntelliJ Maven view)
    • some of the addons might fail to build - if it's not the one, you're interested in that should not bother you
    • when the Maven project finished, you should find the freshly built addon JAR in the target directory

# Debug your addon

  1. copy the addon JAR to Openhab distribution created before
    • cp target/<ADDON_NAME>.jar <DISTRO_DIR>/addons
  2. The running instance of the openhab distribution should pick up your new addon & start it
    • you can type log:tail in the openhab console to stream the openhab logs
  3. create a Remote Debug runtime configuration in IntelliJ:
    • Open menu Run | Edit configurations
    • click the + sign to add a "Remote" configuration
    • adapt the module setting to the root (org.openhab.addons.reactor)
    • click OK
    • start the debug configuration
    • the IntelliJ console should log: Connected to the target VM, address: 'localhost:5005', transport: 'socket' Remote Debug Run Configuration

You can now add breakpoints to your project now and your test distro should stop there.