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# Overview

This part covers all the basics to use openHAB after you installed it: how to perform the first-time setup, add some bindings, discover and configure things for the first time and finally how to create a sitemap and some basic rules.

The goal of this tutorial is to cover the first steps for new users. After performing the first-time setup, you will learn how to install a very simple "binding", the "Network Binding". A binding is an additional package for openHAB to be able to interact with all kinds of devices or situations. To show you the use and configuration of a more complex binding, we'll guide you through the installation of the "Z-Wave Binding", a binding to control devices in a Z-Wave network. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a local sitemap and your first simple rules.

This tutorial assumes that you already installed openHAB on your preferred system. If you're looking for installation instructions for your platform, please have a look here before continuing with this tutorial!

Let's proceed to step 1, the First-Time setup

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