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# AKM868 Binding v1

This binding is for users coming from the proprietary homeautomation-system "IP-Symcon". If you have bought some hardware from them, you can use this binding to enable your AKM868 presence detection system.

The following hardware was used to do presence detection with the AKM-868 controller and a OVO868-tracker for your key-ring:

AKM-Module LAN-T Module 868xOVO Tracker

# Binding Configuration

The binding can be configured in the file services/akm868.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
host Yes IP address of the adapter LAN-T 868
port 10001 No Port of the adapter LAN-T 868
timeout Timeout in milliseconds. If the AKM-Controller does not send an update within that timeframe, the switch item is changing to OFF

# Item Configuration

The syntax of the binding configuration strings accepted is the following:

{ akm868="id=x,channel=y" }

The id represents the ID of your OVO-Tracker.

The channel can be one of the following values:

channel meaning
0 notify on pings from the tracker
1 when the button of the tracker was pressed
5 when the button of the tracker was pressed longer

# Examples

# Items

Switch PresenceMichael "Key Michael" <present> {akm868="id=9999,channel=0"}

This item would turn the Switch to ON as soon as openHAB receives a PING from the tracker. It will turn the Switch to OFF if the tracker doesn't send another PING within the given timeframe (timeout value from the configuration).

Switch KeyPressedShortMichael "Key Michael" <present> {akm868="id=9999,channel=1"}

This item would turn the Switch to ON every time the key was pressed.

Switch KeyPressedLongeMichael "Key Michael" <present> {akm868="id=9999,channel=5"}

This item would turn the Switch to ON every time the key was pressed for a longer time.

# Rules

rule "Turn off WIFI if not at Home"
  Item PresenceMichael changed to OFF	  
  logInfo("Wifi","Wifi OFF") 
  sendCommand(Power_Upstairs_Wifi, OFF)

# Limitations

You must use a LANT-868 Adapter. The USB868-Adapter doesn't work. However, if you own a USB adapter, there is a workaround utilizing the Serial binding (1.x).

Once the Serial binding is installed, following items are needed for the workaround:

String	 Presence_AKM_ComPort		"Last String from AKM [%s]" 	{ serial="/dev/ttyUSB1" } //check USB port is matching to your system configuration
DateTime Presence_AKM1_LastUpdate	"Key 1: Last Update:  [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tT]"
String   Presence_AKM1_Action 		"Key 1: Last Action:  [%s]"
Switch	 Presence_AKM				"Presence AKM"	<contact>

This rule handles an incoming event form the keyfob:

rule "Presence AKM Direct"
  when Item Presence_AKM_ComPort received update 
  var String[] buffer= Presence_AKM_ComPort.state.toString.split(",")
  // var String id = buffer.get(2) // this is the ID of the keyfob. rule could be enhanced to distinguish several keyfobs
  var String action = buffer.get(3)
  var String packetValid = buffer.get(4)	

  if (packetValid.contains("OK")) {
    postUpdate(Presence_AKM1_LastUpdate, new DateTimeType())
    switch (action) {
      case '0' : Presence_AKM1_Action.sendCommand("Ping")
      case '1' : Presence_AKM1_Action.sendCommand("PressedShort")
      case '5' : Presence_AKM1_Action.sendCommand("PressedLong")

A second rule is needed to periodically check if the there was an update from the keyfob. If there was no update in the last 100 seconds, the assumption is that the fob is out of range.

rule "Presence AKM reset"
  Time cron "0 0/1 * * * ?"
  if (Presence_AKM.state == ON) {
    var DateTimeType l_akm1 = Presence_AKM1_LastUpdate.state as DateTimeType			
    if ((new DateTimeType().calendar.timeInMillis - l_akm1.calendar.timeInMillis) > 100000){  // 100 sec timeout