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# Bosch Indego Binding

This is the Binding for Bosch Indego Connect lawn mowers. Thank´s to zazaz-de who found out how the API works. His Java Library (opens new window) made this Binding possible.

# Configuration of the Thing

Currently the binding supports indego mowers as a thing type with this parameters:

parameter datatype required
username String yes
password String yes
refresh integer no (default: 180, minimum: 60)

The refresh interval is specified in seconds.

A possible entry in your thing file could be:

boschindego:indego:lawnmower [username="[email protected]", password="idontneedtocutthelawnagain", refresh=120]

# Channels

item-type description
state Number You can send commands to this channel to control the mower and read the simplified state from it (1=mow, 2=return to dock, 3=pause)
errorcode Number Errorcode of the mower (0=no error, readonly)
statecode Number Detailed state of the mower. I included English and German map-files to read the state easier (readonly)
textualstate String State as a text. (readonly)
ready Number Shows if the mower is ready to mow (1=ready, 0=not ready, readonly)
mowed Dimmer Cut grass in percent (readonly)

For example you can use this sitemap entry to control the mower manually:

Switch item=indegostate  mappings=[ 1="Mow", 2="Return",3="Pause" ]

# Meaning of the numeric statecodes

You can use this as .map file

0=Reading status
259=Docked - Software update
262=Docked - Loading map
263=Docked - Saving map
515=Loading map
516=Learning lawn
518=Border cut
519=Idle in lawn
769=Returning to Dock
770=Returning to Dock
771=Returning to Dock - Battery low
772=Returning to dock - Calendar timeslot ended
773=Returning to dock - Battery temp range
774=Returning to dock
775=Returning to dock - Lawn complete
776=Returning to dock - Relocalising