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# Tibber Binding

The Tibber Binding connects to the Tibber API (opens new window), and enables users to retrieve electricity data:

  • Default: Frequent polls are performed to retrieve electricity price and cost/consumption information
  • Optional: For users having Tibber Pulse, a websocket connection is established to retrieve live measurements

Refresh time (poll frequency) is set manually as part of setup, minimum 1 minute.

Tibber Pulse will automatically be detected by the Binding if present and associated with the token/HomeID used for setup.

# Supported Things

Provided one have a Tibber User Account, the Tibber API is recognized as a thing in openHAB using the Tibber Binding.

Tibber Pulse is optional, but will enable live measurements.

The channels (i.e. measurements) associated with the Binding:

Tibber Default:

Channel ID Description Read-only
Current Total Current Total Price (energy + tax) True
Starts At Current Price Timestamp True
Daily Cost Daily Cost (last/previous day) True
Daily Consumption Daily Consumption (last/previous day) True
Daily From Timestamp (daily from) True
Daily To Timestamp (daily to) True
Hourly Cost Hourly Cost (last/previous hour) True
Hourly Consumption Hourly Consumption (last/previous hour) True
Hourly From Timestamp (hourly from) True
Hourly To Timestamp (hourly to) True

Tibber Pulse (optional):

Channel ID Description Read-only
Timestamp Timestamp for live measurements True
Power Live Power Consumption True
Last Meter Consumption Last Recorded Meter Consumption True
Accumulated Consumption Accumulated Consumption since Midnight True
Accumulated Cost Accumulated Cost since Midnight True
Currency Currency of Cost True
Min Power Min Power Consumption since Midnight True
Average Power Average Power Consumption since Midnight True
Max Power Max Power Consumption since Midnight True
Voltage 1-3 Voltage per Phase True
Current 1-3 Current per Phase True
Power Production Live Power Production True
Accumulated Production Accumulated Production since Midnight True
Min Power Production Min Power Production since Midnight True
Max Power Production Max Power Production since Midnight True

# Binding Configuration

To access and initiate the Tibber Binding, a Tibber user account is required.

The following input is required for initialization:

  • Tibber token
  • Tibber HomeId
  • Refresh Interval (min 1 minute)

Note: Tibber token is retrieved from your Tibber account: Tibber Account (opens new window)

Note: Tibber HomeId is retrieved from (opens new window):

  • Sign in (Tibber user account) and "load" personal token.
  • Copy query from below and paste into the Tibber API Explorer, and run query.
  • If Tibber Pulse is connected, the Tibber API Explorer will report "true" for "realTimeConsumptionEnabled"
  • Copy HomeId from Tibber API Explorer, without quotation marks, and paste into Paper UI configuration
  viewer {
    homes {
      features {

If user have multiple HomeIds / Pulse, separate Things have to be created for the different/desired HomeIds in Paper UI.

# Thing Configuration

When Tibber Binding is installed, Tibber API should be autodiscovered in Paper UI.

Retrieve personal token and HomeId from description above, and initialize/start Binding from Paper UI.

Tibber API will be autodiscovered if provided input is correct.

# Full Example


Number:Dimensionless       TibberAPICurrentTotal                 "Current Total Price [%.2f NOK]"            {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:current_total"}
DateTime                   TibberAPICurrentStartsAt              "Timestamp - Current Price"                 {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:current_startsAt"}
DateTime                   TibberAPIDailyFrom                    "Timestamp - Daily From"                    {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:daily_from"}
DateTime                   TibberAPIDailyTo                      "Timestamp - Daily To"                      {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:daily_to"}
Number:Dimensionless       TibberAPIDailyCost                    "Total Daily Cost [%.2f NOK]"               {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:daily_cost"}
Number:Energy              TibberAPIDailyConsumption             "Total Daily Consumption [%.2f kWh]"        {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:daily_consumption"}
DateTime                   TibberAPIHourlyFrom                   "Timestamp - Hourly From"                   {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:hourly_from"}
DateTime                   TibberAPIHourlyTo                     "Timestamp - Hourly To"                     {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:hourly_to"}
Number:Dimensionless       TibberAPIHourlyCost                   "Total Hourly Cost [%.2f NOK]"              {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:hourly_cost"}
Number:Energy              TibberAPIHourlyConsumption            "Total Hourly Consumption [%.2f kWh]"       {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:hourly_consumption"}
DateTime                   TibberAPILiveTimestamp                "Timestamp - Live Measurement"              {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_timestamp"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILivePower                    "Live Power Consumption [W]"                {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_power"}
Number:Energy              TibberAPILiveLastMeterConsumption     "Last Meter Consumption [%.2f kWh]"         {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_lastMeterConsumption"}
Number:Energy              TibberAPILiveAccumulatedConsumption   "Accumulated Consumption [%.2f kWh]"        {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_accumulatedConsumption"}
Number:Dimensionless       TibberAPILiveAccumulatedCost          "Accumulated Cost [%.2f NOK]"               {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_accumulatedCost"}
String                     TibberAPILiveCurrency                 "Currency"                                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_currency"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILiveMinPower                 "Min Power Consumption [W]"                 {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_minPower"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILiveAveragePower             "Average Power Consumption [W]"             {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_averagePower"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILiveMaxPower                 "Max Power Consumption [W]"                 {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_maxPower"}
Number:ElectricPotential   TibberAPILiveVoltage1                 "Live Voltage Phase 1 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_voltage1"}
Number:ElectricPotential   TibberAPILiveVoltage2                 "Live Voltage Phase 2 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_voltage2"}
Number:ElectricPotential   TibberAPILiveVoltage3                 "Live Voltage Phase 3 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_voltage3"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     TibberAPILiveCurrent1                 "Live Current Phase 1 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_current1"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     TibberAPILiveCurrent2                 "Live Current Phase 2 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_current2"}
Number:ElectricCurrent     TibberAPILiveCurrent3                 "Live Current Phase 3 [V]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_current3"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILivePowerProduction          "Live Power Production [W]"                 {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_powerProduction"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILiveMinPowerproduction       "Min Power Production [W]"                  {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_minPowerproduction"}
Number:Power               TibberAPILiveMaxPowerproduction       "Power consumption/production"              {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_maxPowerproduction"}
Number:Energy              TibberAPILiveAccumulatedProduction    "Accumulated Production [%.2f kWh]"         {channel="tibber:tibberapi:7cfae492:live_accumulatedProduction"}