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# Gardena Binding

This is the binding for Gardena smart system (opens new window). This binding allows you to integrate, view and control Gardena smart system devices in the openHAB environment.

# Supported Things

Devices connected to Gardena smart system, currently:

Thing type Name
bridge smart Garden Gateway
mower smart Sileno(+) Mower
watering_computer smart Water Control
sensor smart Sensor
electronic_pressure_pump smart Pressure Pump
power smart Power
ic24 smart Irrigation Control

The schedules are not yet integrated!

# Discovery

An account must be specified, all things for an account are discovered automatically.

# Account Configuration

There are several settings for an account:

Name Required Description
email yes The email address for logging into the Gardena smart system
password yes The password for logging into the Gardena smart system
sessionTimeout no The timeout in minutes for a session to Gardena smart system (default = 30)
connectionTimeout no The timeout in seconds for connections to Gardena smart system (default = 10)
refresh no The interval in seconds for refreshing the data from Gardena smart system (default = 60)


# Things

Minimal Thing configuration:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="...", password="..." ]

Configuration with refresh:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="...", password="...", refresh=30 ]

Configuration of multiple bridges:

Bridge gardena:account:home1 [ email="...", password="..." ]
Bridge gardena:account:home2 [ email="...", password="..." ]

Once a connection to an account is established, connected Things are discovered automatically.

Alternatively, you can manually configure a Thing:

Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="...", password="..." ]
  Thing mower myMower [ deviceId="c81ad682-6e45-42ce-bed1-6b4eff5620c8" ]

# Items

In the items file, you can link items to channels of your Things:

Number Battery_Level "Battery [%d %%]" {channel="gardena:mower:home:myMower:battery#level"}

# Sensor refresh

You can send a REFRESH command to items linked to these Sensor channels:

  • ambient_temperature#temperature
  • soil_temperature#temperature
  • humidity#humidity
  • light#light

In the console:

smarthome:send ITEM_NAME REFRESH

In scripts:

import org.eclipse.smarthome.core.types.RefreshType
sendCommand(ITEM_NAME, RefreshType.REFRESH)

# Examples

// smart Water Control
Switch  Watering_Valve      "Valve"             { channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:myValve:outlet#valve_open" }
Number  Watering_Duration   "Duration [%d min]" { channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:myValve:outlet#button_manual_override_time" }

// smart Power Plug
String Power_Timer          "Power Timer [%s]"  { channel="gardena:power:home:myPowerplug:power#power_timer" }

// smart Irrigation Control
Number Watering_Timer_1     "Watering Timer 1 [%d min]  { channel="gardena:ic24:home:myIrrigationController:watering#watering_timer_1" }

// smart Pressure Pump
Number Pump_Timer           "Pump Timer [%d min]        { channel="gardena:electronic_pressure_pump:home:myPressurePump:manual_watering#manual_watering_timer" }
Watering_Duration.sendCommand(30) // 30 minutes

Power_Timer.sendCommand("180") // on for 180 seconds

Watering_Timer_1.sendCommand(0) // turn off watering
Watering_Timer_1.sendCommand(30) // turn on for 30 minutes

Pump_Timer.sendCommand(0) // turn the pump off
Pump_Timer.sendCommand(30) // turn the pump on for 30 minutes

# Debugging and Tracing

If you want to see what's going on in the binding, switch the loglevel to TRACE in the Karaf console

log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.gardena

Set the logging back to normal

log:set INFO org.openhab.binding.gardena

Note: The Online/Offline status is not always valid. I'm using the connection_status property Gardena sends for each device, but it seems not to be very reliable. My watering control for example shows offline, but it is still working. I have to press the button on the device, then the status changed to online. My mower always shows online, regardless of whether it is switched on or off. This is not a binding issue, it must be fixed by Gardena.

When the binding sends a command to a device, it communicates only with the Gardena online service. It has not control over, whether the command is sent from the online service via your gateway to the device. It is the same as if you send the command in the Gardena App.