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# Velleman k8055 USB IO Board Binding v1

This binding allows you to integrate a Velleman k8055 USB IO Board (opens new window) with openHAB.

# Prerequisites

This binding makes use of JNI calls to the native k8055 library and thus requires that the native library is available. The binding has been tested on Linux with the open-source libk8055 (opens new window) library. In principle it should also work on Windows with the Velleman provided DLL as it has the same API, however this has not yet been tested.

For the binding to access the native library correctly, the following conditions must be met:

  • The library must be installed somewhere in the library search path (in Linux, a system lib directory is fine; on Windows\system32 folder.
  • The JVM being used to run openHAB must be the same 'bitness' as the library (i.e. 32bit/64bit). If using the Velleman provided Windows DLL, this means running on a 32bit JVM.

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/k8055.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
refresh 1000 No how often the binding should read the state of the hardware inputs, in milliseconds
boardno Yes which board openhab should connect to. This must be specified to enable the binding. Currently the binding only supports connecting to a single board.

# Item Configuration

The syntax of the binding configuration strings accepted is the following:



  • IO-type is one of:

  • DIGITAL_IN - Supports Contact Items

  • DIGITAL_OUT - Supports Switch Items

  • ANALOG_IN - Supports Number Items

  • ANALOG_OUT - Supports Dimmer Items

  • IO-number is the number (1-8) of the particular IO channel to bind to.

# Examples

Switch Output1 "Digital Output 1" { k8055="DIGITAL_OUT:1"}
Switch Output2 "Digital Output 2" { k8055="DIGITAL_OUT:2"}

Dimmer K8055_ANOUT_1 "K8055 Analog Output 1"   { k8055="ANALOG_OUT:1"}
Dimmer K8055_ANOUT_2 "K8055  Analog Output 2"  { k8055="ANALOG_OUT:2"}

Number K8055_ANIN_1 "K8055 Analog Input 1" { k8055="ANALOG_IN:1" } 
Number K8055_ANIN_2 "K8055 Analog Input 2" { k8055="ANALOG_IN:2" }

# Troubleshooting

On some Linux distribution, the user openhab is running as may not have permissions to access the USB ports by default. It is worth checking that the standalone command-line program (k8055) that comes with libk8055 works under the relevant Linux user before attempting to use the binding. (Particularly as the driver outputs little useful debugging information to the logs).