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# DWDPollenflug Binding

The "Deutsche Wetterdienst" (DWD) reports the current pollen count index for Germany on a daily base and a forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This binding allows you to retrieve this data for your region or partregion. You can find a map of the data here: (opens new window)

# Supported Things

This binding supports a bridge thing (bridge), which polls the dataset for Germany in an adjustable interval. And it supports a region thing (region), representing the data for all pollen types of a region or partregion.

# Discovery

This binding adds a default bridge thing to the Inbox. This can be used for region things you may add manually.

# Thing Configuration

# Bridge

Parameter Default Required Description
refresh 30 no Define the interval for polling the data from DWD in minutes. Minimum is 15 minutes.

# Region

Parameter Default Required Description
regionID - yes In PaperUI just select the region you want to display data for. For files-configuration see table below.

# Manual region or partregion selection

The region ID is the partregion_id or if there is no partregion the region_id from this json (opens new window) of DWD. You can refer to the following table.

regionID Region Partregion
11 Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg Inseln und Marschen
12 Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg Geest, Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg
20 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern -
31 Niedersachsen und Bremen Westl. Niedersachsen/Bremen
32 Niedersachsen und Bremen Östl. Niedersachsen
41 Nordrhein-Westfalen Rhein.-Westfäl. Tiefland
42 Nordrhein-Westfalen Ostwestfalen
43 Nordrhein-Westfalen Mittelgebirge NRW
50 Brandenburg und Berlin -
61 Sachsen-Anhalt Tiefland Sachsen-Anhalt
62 Sachsen-Anhalt Harz
71 Thüringen Tiefland Thüringen
72 Thüringen Mittelgebirge Thüringen
81 Sachsen Tiefland Sachsen
82 Sachsen Mittelgebirge Sachsen
91 Hessen Nordhessen und hess. Mittelgebirge
92 Hessen Rhein-Main
101 Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland Rhein, Pfalz, Nahe und Mosel
102 Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland Mittelgebirgsbereich Rheinland-Pfalz
103 Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland Saarland
111 Baden-Württemberg Oberrhein und unteres Neckartal
112 Baden-Württemberg Hohenlohe/mittlerer Neckar/Oberschwaben
113 Baden-Württemberg Mittelgebirge Baden-Württemberg
121 Bayern Allgäu/Oberbayern/Bay. Wald
122 Bayern Donauniederungen
123 Bayern Bayern n. der Donau, o. Bayr. Wald, o. Mainfranken
124 Bayern Mainfranken

# Channels

The bridge thing has following channels:

channel description
updates#refreshed Hold the time of the bridge's last refresh
updates#last_update The time when data was last updated by DWD
updates#next_update The time when data will be updated next by DWD

For each of the eight pollen types reported by DWD the region thing has three channels for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

channels pollen type german name
alder#today alder Erle
ambrosia#today ambrosia Ambrosia
ash#today ash-tree Esche
birch#today birch Birke
grasses#today grasses Gräser
hazel#today hazel Hasel
mugwort#today mugwort Beifuß
rye#today rye Roggen

There are the following possible string values:

value description
-1 not specified
0 no pollen pollution
0-1 no to low pollen count
1 low pollen count
1-2 low to medium pollen count
2 medium pollen count
2-3 medium to high pollen count
3 high pollen count

# Full Example

# Things file for region "Brandenburg und Berlin" and partregion "Bayern - Mainfranken"

Bridge dwdpollenflug:bridge:dwd "DWD pollen count Bridge" [refresh="15"] {
    Thing region region50 "DWD pollen count region" @ "APIS" [regionID="50"]
    Thing region partregion124 "DWD pollen count partregion" @ "APIS" [regionID="124"]

# Items example for region "Brandenburg und Berlin" and pollen type ash-tree

String pollenTodayEsche
    "Esche [MAP(]"

String pollenTomorrowEsche
    "Esche morgen [MAP(]"

String pollenDayAfterTomorrowEsche
    "Esche übermorgen [MAP(]"

# Transform map file

0=keine (0)
0-1=keine bis gering (0-1)
1=gering (1)
1-2=gering bis mittel (1-2)
2=mittel (2)
2-3=mittel bis hoch (2-3)
3=hoch (3)
-1=keine Daten
-=keine Daten
NULL=keine Daten

# Sitemap example for region "Brandenburg und Berlin" and pollen type ash-tree

Text label="Pollenflugindex" {
    Frame {
        Text item=pollenTodayEsche
                        =="0-1"="#00c83c"] {
            Frame {
                Text item=pollenTodayEsche

                Text item=pollenTomorrowEsche

                Text item=pollenDayAfterTomorrowEsche