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# Mystrom Eco Power Binding v1

The openHAB Mystrom binding allows you to send commands to Mystrom Eco Power Switches, receive consumption numbers and states of devices.

# Prerequisites

You must have an account at the Mystrom website.

# Binding Configuration

The binding needs user and password of mystrom site to be added to the file services/mystromecopower.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
userName Yes your user name for the Mystrom website
password Yes your password for the Mystrom website

# Item Binding Configuration

The syntax of the binding configuration strings accepted is the following:


The friendlyName is given to your device on the Mystrom site.

If not sure about the <friendlyName>s of your devices, take a look in your openhab.log. The discovered devices are listed.

Item Type Description
Switch used to get state on/off of the device, accepted commands are ON or OFF. For master device, if you send the OFF command it will ll restart the master.
Number used to receive consumption in Watts of the device. Please note that the binding does not accept DecimalType commands.
String used to receive state on/off/offline

# Examples

How to configure your items in your items file, you can configure as Switch, Number or String.

Switch WallFanOffice_Switch 	{mystromecopower="lightBathroom"}
Number WallFanOffice_Number 	{mystromecopower="lightBathroom"}
String WallFanOffice_String 	{mystromecopower="lightBathroom"}