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# Senec Home Binding

Binding to request status information from Senec Home Batteries to allow home automation decisions based on your current energy management.

If your power feed is limited by regulations for example, you can switch on devices if a limited rate was applied by your Senec Home device. In addition you can switch off devices if the power consumption is getting higher.

Examples: Lights, pool filters, wash machines, ...

# Supported Things

Thing type id Name
senechome Senec Home Lithium Battery, V2.0, V2.1 and V3

# Thing Configuration


Thing senechome:senechome:pvbattery [ hostname="", refreshInterval=60, limitationTresholdValue=70, limitationDuration=60 ]

If the thing goes online then the connection to the web interface is successful. In case it is offline you should see an error message. The refresh interval is 15 seconds by default, but you can optionally provide your own value adding the refreshInterval key.

The property limitationTresholdValue is used as threshold for channel powerLimitationState. It is combined with property limitationDuration (seconds) to define a stable status for power limitation. Therefor use powerLimitationState to trigger Events (switches) based on your current power limitation.

# Channels

Channel Type Description
powerLimitation percent How much is your pv generator limited (0% if not limited anyway)
powerLimitationState ON/OFF Power limitation active (based on configuration)
houseConsumption watt Current power consumption of your house/living
energyProduction watt Energy generated by your pv / inverter
batteryPower watt Energy processed by batterie itself, for example while charging
batteryFuelCharge percent Fuel charge of your battery (0 - 100%)
batteryState text describing current action of battery (e.g. CHARGING)
gridPower watt Grid power level, negative for supply, positive values for drawing power
gridPowerDraw watt absolute power level of power draw, zero while supplying
gridPowerSupply watt absolute power level of power supply, zero while drawing

# Items


Number SenecPowerLimitation      "pv generator limit [%d %%]"         <heating> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:powerLimitation" }
Switch SenecPowerLimitationState "Power limitation active"             <switch> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:powerLimitationState" }
Number SenecHouseConsumption     "Current power consumption [%d W]"    <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:houseConsumption" }
Number SenecEnergyProduction     "Energy generated by pv [%d W]"       <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:energyProduction" }
Number SenecBatteryPower         "Energy processed by battery [%d W]"  <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:batteryPower" }
Number SenecBatteryFuelCharge    "State of Charge [%d %%]"       <batterylevel> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:batteryFuelCharge" }
String SenecBatteryState         "Current action [%s]"                   <text> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:batteryState" }
Number SenecGridPower            "Grid power level [%d W]"             <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:gridPower" }
Number SenecGridPowerDraw        "Power draw from grid [%d W]"         <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:gridPowerDraw" }
Number SenecGridPowerSupply      "Power supply to grid [%d W]"         <energy> { channel="senechome:senechome:pvbattery:gridPowerSupply" }

# Sitemap


Text label="Power Grid"{
    Frame label="Photovoltaik" {
        Default item=SenecPowerLimitation
        Default item=SenecPowerLimitationState
        Default item=SenecHouseConsumption
        Default item=SenecEnergyProduction
        Default item=SenecBatteryPower
        Default item=SenecBatteryFuelCharge
        Default item=SenecBatteryState
        Default item=SenecGridPower
        Default item=SenecGridPowerDraw
        Default item=SenecGridPowerSupply