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# DanfossAirUnit Binding

This binding supports controlling and monitoring Danfoss air units (opens new window) via Ethernet connection.

# Supported Things

This binding has been tested/reported to work with the Danfoss Air w2 / a2 / a3 devices.

# Discovery

Air units in the LAN are automatically discovered via broadcast and added to the Inbox.

# Thing Configuration

These are the available configuration parameters:

  • host Hostname/IP of the air unit (automatically set by discovery service)
  • refreshInterval Time (in seconds) between monitoring requests to the air unit. Smaller values mean more network load, typically set between a few seconds and a minute. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • updateUnchangedValuesEveryMillis Minimum time between state updates sent to the event bus for a particular channel when the state of the channel didn't change. This should avoid spamming the event bus with unnecessary updates. When set to 0, all channel state are updated every time the air unit requests are sent (see refresh interval). When set to a non zero value, unchanged values are only reported after the configured timespan has passed. Changed values are always sent to the event bus. Defaults to 60.000 (one minute), so updates are sent every minute or if the state of the channel changes.

# Channels

channel channel group type readable only (RO) or writable (RW) description
current_time main DateTime RO Current time reported by the air unit.
mode main String RW Value to control the operation mode of the air unit. One of DEMAND, PROGRAM, MANUAL and OFF
manual_fan_speed main Dimmer RW Value to control the fan speed when in MANUAL mode (10 steps)
supply_fan_speed main Number RO Current rotation of the fan supplying air to the rooms (in rpm)
extract_fan_speed main Number RO Current rotation of the fan extracting air from the rooms (in rpm)
supply_fan_step main Dimmer RO Current 10-step setting of the fan supplying air to the rooms
extract_fan_step main Dimmer RO Current 10-step setting of the fan extracting air from the rooms
boost main Switch RW Enables fan boost
night_cooling main Switch RW Enables night cooling
room_temp temps Number RO Temperature of the air in the room of the Air Dial
room_temp_calculated temps Number RO Calculated Room Temperature
outdoor_temp temps Number RO Temperature of the air outside
humidity humidity Number RO Humidity
bypass recuperator Switch RW Disables the heat exchange. Useful in summer when room temperature is above target and outside temperature is below target.
supply_temp recuperator Number RO Temperature of air which is passed to the rooms
extract_temp recuperator Number RO Temperature of the air as extracted from the rooms
exhaust_temp recuperator Number RO Temperature of the air when pushed outside
battery_life service Number RO Remaining Air Dial Battery Level (percentage)
filter_life service Number RO Remaining life of filter until exchange is necessary (percentage)

# Full Example

# Things

Suppose your autodiscovered air unit is identified by the id "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769" (see section "Discovery"). The channel will then be identified by <air unit id>:<channel group>#<channel>

You can also manually configure your air unit in case you don't want to use autodiscovery (e. g. if you want to have a portable configuration): Create a new file, e. g. danfoss.things, in your things configuration folder:

Thing danfossairunit:airunit:myairunit [host="",

# Items

Dimmer Lueftung_Drehzahl_Manuell "Drehzahl Lüftung %" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:main#manual_fan_speed"}
Number Lueftung_Drehzahl_Supply "Drehzahl Lüftung Zuluft (rpm)" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:main#supply_fan_speed"}
Number Lueftung_Drehzahl_Extract "Drehzahl Lüftung Abluft (rpm)" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:main#extract_fan_speed"}
String Lueftung_Mode "Betriebsart Lüftung" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:main#mode"}
Switch Lueftung_Boost "Stoßlüftung" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:main#boost"}
Switch Lueftung_Bypass "Lüftung Bypass" (All,Lueftung) {channel = "danfossairunit:airunit:-1062731769:recuperator#bypass"}

# Sitemap

Slider item=Lueftung_Drehzahl_Manuell
Text item=Lueftung_Drehzahl_Supply
Text item=Lueftung_Drehzahl_Extract
Selection item=Lueftung_Mode mappings=[DEMAND="Bedarfslüftung", OFF="Aus", PROGRAM="Programm", MANUAL="manuell"]
Switch item=Lueftung_Boost
Switch item=Lueftung_Bypass