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# TiVo Binding v1

This binding works with older TiVo units which support the v1.0 protocol. TiVo units that implement the newer v1.1 API (opens new window) will encounter some incompatibility. If you find that button commands (pause, play, record) work, but nowshowing does not work, you likely have a Tivo that implements the v1.1 protocol.

# Prerequisites

Enable Network Remote Control (opens new window) on your TiVo.

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured with the file services/tivo.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
host Yes Your Tivo's hostname or IP address

# Item Configuration

The format of item binding configuration strings is


where <command> is one of:

  • tivo
  • info
  • guide
  • window
  • record
  • clear
  • enter
  • play
  • reverse
  • pause
  • forward
  • replay
  • slow
  • advance
  • cc_on
  • cc_off
  • standby
  • nowshowing
  • num0
  • num1
  • num2
  • num3
  • num4
  • num5
  • num6
  • num7
  • num8
  • num9
  • live_tv
  • thumbs_up
  • thumbs_down
  • channel_up
  • channel_down

# Examples

Switch Tivo_Button "Tivo Button" { tivo="tivo" }
Switch Tivo_Recordings "Tivo Recordings" { tivo="nowshowing" }
Switch Tivo_Standby "Tivo Standby" { tivo="standby" }

Turn any TiVo Switch ON in a rule or script to send the configured command to your TiVo.

For example, the following code in a rule simulates a press of the "tivo" button on the remote control, gives the Tivo 3 seconds to wake up, then jumps to the recording list:

createTimer(now.plusSeconds(3)) [ | Tivo_Recordings.sendCommand(ON) ]

The following code in a rule will put the Tivo in standby: