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# Video Disk Recorder (VDR) Binding v1

The Video Disk Recorder (VDR) binding allows openHAB to control your own digital satellite receiver and Video Disk Recorder (opens new window).

If you have any suggestions or questions don't hesitate to contact me (iwow (opens new window)).

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/vdr.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
host none yes VDR's IP address or name
port 6419 no The port SVDRP is listening

# Item Configuration

The syntax for the VDR binding configuration string is explained here:


The parts in brackets [] signify an optional information.

Command must be one of the following:

  • message: show message on OSD; must be bound to a String item
  • powerOff: switch VDR off (same as hit power on remote control); must be bound to a Switch item
  • recording: recording state; must be bound to a Switch item
  • channel: channel up / down; can be bound to a Switch item(ON=increase, OFF=decrease) or a number item
  • volume: volume up / down; can be bound to a Switch item (ON=increase, OFF=decrease) or a number item (value between 0 and 255)

# Examples

# Basic Examples

Binding Configuration:

The VDR-ID defined here, e.g. LivingRoom, shall be used in all items configurations and rules.

Here are some examples for valid binding configuration strings:

For Switch items:


For String items:


As a result, your lines in the items file might look like the following:

Switch VDR_LivingroomPower          "VDR (livingroom) Power"          (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:powerOff",wol="" }
String VDR_LivingroomOSDMessage     "VDR (livingroom) OSD message"          {vdr="LivingRoom:message"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomChannelUpDown  "VDR Livingroom Channel Up/Down"  (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:channel"}
Number VDR_LivingroomChannel        "VDR Livingroom Channel"          (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:channel"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomVolumeUpDown   "VDR Livingroom Volume Up/Down"   (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:volume"}
Number VDR_LivingroomVolume         "VDR Livingroom Volume"           (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:volume"}
Switch VDR_LivingroomRecording      "VDR (livingroom) Recording"      (VDR) {vdr="LivingRoom:recording"}

# Switch VDR PC on if TV switch on:

This example requires TV with LAN connection.

First you need two items with NetworkHealthBinding

Switch TV_PowerState                "TV Power State"     (VDR)   {nh="" }
Switch VDR_LIVINGROOM_POWER_STATUS  "VDR Power Status"   (VDR)   {nh="" } 

A rule for the openHAB rule engine can look like this:

rule CheckTVStateOn
	Item TV_PowerState changed to ON

# Switch VDR PC off if TV switch off

Same requirements and prerequisites as VDR PC on use-case above.

A rule for the openHAB rule engine (not drools) can look like this:

rule CheckTVStateOff
	Item TV_PowerState changed to OFF
		if (VDR_LivingroomRecording?.state==OFF) {