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# Swegon Ventilation Binding v1

This binding is used to get live data from Swegon ventilation systems into items in openHAB. It should be compatible with at least Swegon CASA models.

# Prerequisites

swegongw is an application that reads packets from a serial port (an RS-485 adapter is needed) and relays them to openHAB via UDP. The Swegon Ventilation binding listens on the UDP port and extracts control data from UDP packets.

C code is available here (opens new window).


gcc -std=gnu99 -o swegongw swegongw.c


swegongw -h 
swegongw -v -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -a

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/swegonventilation.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
udpPort 9998 No UDP port on which the binding will listen
throttleTime 0 No Throttle received messages. 0 = throttle is disabled, otherwise throttle time in milliseconds.

# Item Configuration



Where <data> identifies a datum to retrieve:

<data> Item Type Purpose Note
T1 Number Temperature sensor 1
T2 Number Temperature sensor 2
T3 Number Temperature sensor 3
T4 Number Temperature sensor 4
T5 Number Temperature sensor 5
T6 Number Temperature sensor 6
T7 Number Temperature sensor 7
T8 Number Temperature sensor 8
OutdoorTemperature Number Temperature sensor T1
SupplyAirTemperature Number Temperature sensor T2
ExtractAirTemperature Number Temperature sensor T3
SupplyAirTemperatureReheated Number Temperature sensor T4
ExhaustAirTemperature Number Temperature sensor T8
SupplyAirFanSpeed Number Fan speed rpm
ExtractAirFanSpeed Number Fan speed rpm
Efficiency Number Efficiency Calculated by system
EfficiencySupply Number Efficiency Calculated by binding
EfficiencyExtract Number Efficiency Calculated by binding
FanSpeed Number Fan speed Fan speed 1…5
PreheatState Switch Heating Preheat state
ReheatState Switch Heating Reheat state

# Examples

Number	OutdoorTemperature	{ swegonventilation="OutdoorTemperature" }
Number	SupplyAirFanSpeed	{ swegonventilation="SupplyAirFanSpeed" }
Switch	Preheat	            { swegonventilation="PreheatState" }