OJElectronics Binding

With this binding it is possible to connect OWD5/MWD5 Thermostat of OJ Electronics.

At this moment all information is read only.

Supported Things

There are two things:

Thing Type Description
ojcloud Bridge OJ Electronics Cloud Connector
owd5 Thing OJ Electronics OWD5/MWD5 Thermostat


Not supported at the moment.

Thing Configuration

OJ Electronics Bridge configuration (ojcloud)

Parameter Description
userName user name from the OJElectronics App (required)
password password from the OJElectronics App (required)
apiKey API key. You get the key from your local distributor.
apiUrl URL of the API endpoint. Optional, the default value should always work.
refreshDelayInSeconds Refresh interval in seconds. Optional, the default value is 30 seconds.
customerId Customer ID. Optional, the default value should always work.
softwareVersion Software version. Optional, the default value should always work.

OJ Electronics OWD5/MWD5 Thermostat configuration (owd5)

Parameter Description
serialNumber serial number from the OJElectronics App or the thermostat (required)


Channel Type Description
floorTemperature Number:Temperature Floor temperature
groupName Text Group name
groupId Number Group Id
online Contact Online
heating Contact Heating
roomTemperature Number:Temperature Room temperature
thermostatName Text Thermostat name
regulationMode Text Regulation mode
serialNumber Text Serial number
comfortSetpoint Number:Temperature Target comfort temperature
comfortEndTime Date time Date and time when the thermostat switchs back from comfort mode to automatic mode
boostEndTime Date time Date and time when the thermostat switchs back from boost mode to automatic mode
manualModeSetpoint Number:Temperature Target temperature of the manual mode
vacationEnabled Switch Vacation is enabled


This example shows how to configure the OJElecttronics binding.


Binding ojelectronics:ojcloud:myCloud "My Cloud" @ "My Home" [ userName="MyUserName" password="MyPassword" apiKey="The Key" ] {
    Thing owd5 myThermostat [ serialNumber="123" ]


Number Bath_Floor_Temperature "Bathroom: Floor Temperature" {channel="ojelectronics:owd5:myThermostat:floorTemperature"}
String Bath_Mode "Bathroom: Mode" {channel="ojelectronics:owd5:myThermostat:regulationMode"}


sitemap myHome label="my Home"{
  Text item=Bath_Floor_Temperature
  Text item=Bath_Mode