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# DD-WRT Binding v1

The openHAB DD-WRT Binding allows interaction with a DD-WRT device.

# Prerequisites

In order to use the binding with a DD-WRT device, the telnet connection must be activated in the DD-WRT web interface. This process does not always work. Test it with a telnet command shell.

# Binding Configuration

The binding can be configured in the file services/ddwrt.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
ip No The IP address of the device
port 23 No The port to be used
username No The username for the device
password No The password for the device
interface_24 No The 2.4 GHz wifi interface
interface_50 No The 5 GHz wifi interface
interface_guest No The guest wifi interface

# Item Configuration

Item bindings should conform to the following format:


Where <key> may take any of these values:


# Examples

String DEVICE_NAME {ddwrt="routertype"}
Switch WIFI_24     {ddwrt="wlan24"}
Switch WIFI_50     {ddwrt="wlan50"}
Switch WIFI_GUEST  {ddwrt="wlanguest"}

# Notes

There is a bug in the DD-WRT firmware. The activation of this interface needs a workaround so it takes some seconds longer than the native devices.

Tested with Archer V2 and DD-WRT v3.0-r30880 std (11/14/16).