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# Sager Weathercaster Binding

The Sager Weathercaster is a scientific instrument for accurate prediction of the weather.

# Limitations

  • To operate, this binding will need to use channel values provided by other means (e.g. Weather Binding, Netatmo, a 1-Wire personal weather station...)

  • This binding buffers readings for some hours before producing weather forecasts(wind direction and sea level pressure). SagerWeatherCaster needs an observation period of minimum 6 hours.

For these reasons, this binding is not a binding in the usual sense.

# Discovery

A default sagercaster thing will be automatically discovered, based on system location.

# Binding Configuration

The binding itself does not require any configuration.

# Thing Configuration

# SagerCaster

Name Type Description
location Location Latitude and longitude of the desired weather forecast.
observation-period int Minimum delay (in hours) before producing forecasts. Defaulted to 6.

# Channels

The binding will use some input channels, that can be configured directly with profiles (sample below).

Name Group Type Description
is-raining (*) input Switch On if it is raining, else Off.
rain-qtty (*) input Number Any value that give indication of a current rain volume
or input Number:Speed Any value that give indication of a current rain volume eg mm/h
or input Number:Length Any value that give indication of a current rain volume eg mm
cloudiness input Number:Dimensionless Cloud cover percentage
wind-speed-beaufort input Number Wind speed expressed using the Beaufort scale
pressure input Number:Pressure Sea level pressure
wind-angle input Number:Angle Wind direction
forecast output String Description of the weather forecast
velocity output String Description of the expected wind evolution
velocity-beaufort output Number Expected wind evolution using the Beaufort scale
wind-from output String Expected wind orientation
wind-to output String Evolution of the expected wind orientation
wind-evolution output String Wind orientation evolution over observation period
pressure-trend output String Pressure evolution over observation period
temperature-trend output String Temperature evolution over observation period

(*) You may use either is-raining, either rain-qtty depending upon the data available in your system.

# Full Example

# Things

sagercaster:sagercaster:triel "Sager Triel" @ "Outside" [location="48,2"]

# Items

Input channel can be updated via profiles in versions of OH > 2.4.

Number:Pressure NWS_Abs_Pressure "Pression absolue" <pressure> {channel="netatmo:NAMain:home:insidews:AbsolutePressure", channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#pressure" [profile="follow"]}
Number:Angle NWS_wind_angle   "Orientation [%d°]" 	{channel="netatmo:NAModule2:home:anemometre:WindAngle", channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#wind-angle" [profile="follow"]}
Number:Dimensionless OWM_Cloudiness "Cloudiness [%d %unit%]" <clouds> {channel="openweathermap:weather-and-forecast:api:local:current#cloudiness", channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#cloudiness" [profile="follow"] }
Number Synop_beaufort "Beaufort [%d]" <beaufort> {channel="synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:orly:wind-speed-beaufort", channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#wind-speed-beaufort" [profile="follow"] }
Number:Length NWS_rain_1h "Précipitation 1h [%.2f %unit%]" <rain> {channel="netatmo:NAModule3:home:pluviometre:SumRain1", channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:input#rain-qtty" [profile="follow"]}


Here is the definition of output channels

// Items directly derived from inputs
String  SWC_windevolution       "Wind Evolution"                        (gSager)                {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#wind-evolution"}
String  SWC_presstrend          "Pressure Trend"                        (gSager)                {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#pressure-trend"}

// SagerWeatherCaster Forecast Items
String  SWC_forecast            "Weather Forecast"                      (gSager)                {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#forecast"}
String  SWC_velocity            "Wind Velocity"                         (gSager)                {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#velocity"}
String  SWC_windfrom            "Wind from"                             (gSager)                {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#wind-from"}
DateTime SWC_ObservationTime    "Timestamp [%1$tH:%1$tM]"       <time>  (gSager, gTrackAge)     {channel="sagercaster:sagercaster:triel:output#timestamp" }