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# Linky Binding

This binding uses the API provided by Enedis to retrieve your energy consumption data. You need to create an Enedis account here (opens new window) if you don't have one already.

Please ensure that you have accepted their conditions, and check that you can see graphs on the website. Especially, check hourly view/graph. Enedis may ask for permission the first time to start collecting hourly data. The binding will not provide these informations unless this step is ok.

# Supported Things

There is one supported thing : the linky thing is retrieving the consumption of your home from the Linky electric meter (opens new window).

# Discovery

This binding does not provide discovery service.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
username Your Enedis platform username.
password Your Enedis platform password.

# Channels

The information that is retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
daily#yesterday Number:Energy Yesterday energy usage
weekly#thisWeek Number:Energy Current week energy usage
weekly#lastWeek Number:Energy Last week energy usage
monthly#thisMonth Number:Energy Current month energy usage
monthly#lastMonth Number:Energy Last month energy usage
yearly#thisYear Number:Energy Current year energy usage
yearly#lastYear Number:Energy Last year energy usage

# Console Commands

The binding provides one specific command you can use in the console. Enter the command smarthome:linky to get the usage.

openhab> smarthome:linky
Usage: smarthome:linky <thingUID> report <start day> <end day> [<separator>] - report daily consumptions between two dates

The command report reports in the console the daily consumptions between two dates. If no dates are provided, the last 7 are considered by default. Start and end day are formatted yyyy-mm-dd.

Here is an example of command you can run: smarthome:linky linky:linky:local report 2020-11-15 2020-12-15.

# Full Example

# Thing

Thing linky:linky:local "Compteur Linky" [ username="[email protected]", password="******" ]

# Items

Number:Energy ConsoHier "Conso hier [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:daily#yesterday" }
Number:Energy ConsoSemaineEnCours "Conso semaine en cours [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:weekly#thisWeek" }
Number:Energy ConsoSemaineDerniere "Conso semaine dernière [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:weekly#lastWeek" }
Number:Energy ConsoMoisEnCours "Conso mois en cours [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:monthly#thisMonth" }
Number:Energy ConsoMoisDernier "Conso mois dernier [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:monthly#lastMonth" }
Number:Energy ConsoAnneeEnCours "Conso année en cours [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:yearly#thisYear" }
Number:Energy ConsoAnneeDerniere "Conso année dernière [%.0f %unit%]" <energy> { channel="linky:linky:local:yearly#lastYear" }