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# BenQ Projector Binding v1

This binding is designed to interface with BenQ projectors that have an RS232 interface on them that accepts the commands documented by BenQ here.

The binding has been tested with the following models:

  • BenQ W1070
  • BenQ W1080

# Status

This binding is current in Beta state with the following commands implemented:

Command Query Set Comments
Power Y Y
Mute Y Y
Volume Y Y
Source Y Y Can be returned as either a string or number
Lamp Time Y N

# Transports

The binding support transport using a TCP/IP to RS232 converter or via a direct RS232 interface.

USR-TCP232-2 (opens new window) is a known working TCP/IP to RS232 converter.

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/benqprojector.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
mode Yes controls how the projector can be reached. serial is for a directly connected RS232 serial interface while network is for using a TCP/IP to serial converter
deviceId Yes if mode is network, value should be set to the <hostname>:<port> of the CP/IP to serial converter
if mode is serial, value should be <device>:<speed>, where <device> is the name of the serial port device and <speed> is the bitrate (defaults to 57600 if not given)
refresh ? Polling interval in milliseconds, for example 15000 (15 seconds)

# Examples


Switch gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower "Projector Power" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="power"}
Switch gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorMute "Projector Mute" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="mute"}
Number gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorVol "Projector Volume [%d]" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="volume", autoupdate="false"}
Number gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorSourceNum "Projector Source [MAP(]" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="source_number"}
String gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorSourceString "Projector Source [%s]" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="source_string"}
Number gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorLamp "Projector Lamp [%d hours]" (gf_lounge, gf_multimedia) {benqprojector="lamp_hours"}


1=Computer 2
5=Sky TV (HDMI)
6=Chromecast (HDMI2)
10=USB Display
11=USB Reader


Frame label="Media" {
	Switch item=gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower
Frame label="Projector" visibility=[gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower==ON] {
	Selection item=gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorSourceNum label="Projector Source" mappings=[5="Sky TV", 6="Chromecast"]  visibility=[gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower==ON]
	Switch item=gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorMute visibility=[gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower==ON]
	Setpoint item=gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorVol step=1 minValue=0 maxValue=10 visibility=[gf_lounge_multimedia_projectorPower==ON]