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# (opens new window) Relay Board Binding

This binding provides support for relay board available from (opens new window) (site in Polish)

# Binding Configuration

This binding must be configured in the file services/ucprelayboard.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
board.<name>.port Yes Name of the serial device to which the board is connected
board.<name>.baud 57600 No Baud rate for the serial device
refresh 60000 No Refresh of relay board state interval in miliseconds (60000 is one minute)


  • <name> is a name you choose, and you can specify more than one board.

# Item Configuration

Only Switch items are supported.



  • <name> is a name you configured in the binding configuration
  • <number> is the index of the relay on the board you wish to switch
  • [;inverted=true] an optional section that inverts the meaning of ON and OFF