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# CoolMasterNet Binding

The CoolMasterNet binding is used to control CoolMasterNet HVAC bridge devices (opens new window), using the "ASCII I/F" plaintext TCP control protocol.

# Discovery

The CoolMasterNet protocol does not support automatic discovery.

# Thing Configuration

  • controller is a openHAB "bridge", and represents a single CoolMasterNet device. A single controller supports one or more HVAC units.
  • hvac is an HVAC device connected to a controller. Each hvac thing is identified by a CoolMasterNet UID (refer to CoolMasterNet controller documentation).

Example demo.things configuration for two HVAC devices connected to a CoolMasterNet device found at IP

Bridge coolmasternet:controller:main [ host="" ] {
  Thing hvac a [ uid="L1.100" ]
  Thing hvac b [ uid="L1.101" ]

# Channels

Channel Item Type Description
on Switch Turn HVAC unit on and off.
mode String HVAC mode (cool, heat, auto, dry, fan). Unit may not support all modes.
fan_speed String Fan speed (l, m, h, t, a ) for respectively "Low", "Medium", "High", "Top" or "Auto". Unit may not support all speeds.
set_temp Number Temperature target setpoint in Celsius.
current_temp Number Current temperature in Celsius at HVAC unit.
louvre String Louvre angle (0, a, h, 3, 4, 6, v) for respectively "No Control", "Auto Swing", "Horizontal", "30 degrees", "45 degrees", "60 degrees" or "Vertical". Unit may not support all angles.

# Item Configuration

Switch ACOn "Lounge AC ON/OFF" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:on"}
String ACMode "Lounge AC Mode" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:mode" }
Number ACTemp "Lounge Temp" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:current_temp" }
Number ACSet "Lounge AC Set" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:set_temp" }
String ACFan "Lounge AC Fan" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:fan_speed" }
String ACLouvre "Lounge AC Louvre" { channel="coolmasternet:hvac:main:a:louvre_angle" }