CoronaStats Binding

This binding provides the statistic about cases of COVID-19 from the website

Supported Things

This binding supports a world thing, which polls the dataset in an adjustable interval as a bridge and provides the statistics for the whole world. The country thing, representing the statistics for a specified country.


This binding adds a default world thing to the Inbox. This can be used as bridge for country things you may add manually.

Thing Configuration


Parameter Default Required Description
refresh 30 no Define the interval for polling the data from website in minutes. Minimum is 15 minutes.


Parameter Default Required Description
countryCode - yes 2-letter code for the country you want to display

For the correct 2-letter country code have a look at the website


World and Country

channels type description
cases Number:Dimensionless Total cases
today_cases Number:Dimensionless Increase of total cases today
deaths Number:Dimensionless Deaths
today_deaths Number:Dimensionless Increase of deaths
recovered Number:Dimensionless Recovered cases
active Number:Dimensionless Active cases
critical Number:Dimensionless Critical cases
tests Number:Dimensionless Count of reported tests (country thing only)
updated Number:Dimensionless Data last update time (country thing only)

Full Example


Bridge coronastats:world:stats "Corona Stats World" @ "Corona" [refresh=15] {
    Thing country usa "Corona Stats USA" @ "Corona" [countryCode="US"]
    Thing country germany "Corona Stats Germany" @ "Corona" [countryCode="DE"]
    Thing country austria "Corona Stats Austria" @ "Corona" [countryCode="AT"]
    Thing country italy "Corona Stats Italy" @ "Corona" [countryCode="IT"]
    Thing country spain "Corona Stats Spain" @ "Corona" [countryCode="ES"]
    Thing country uk "Corona Stats United Kingdom" @ "Corona" [countryCode="GB"]


Number:Dimensionless coronaCasesWorld "Total Cases World [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaDeathsWorld "Deaths World [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaRecoveredWorld "Recovered Cases World [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaActiveWorld "Active Cases World [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaCriticalWorld "Critical Cases World [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaCasesUSA "Total Cases USA [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaDeathsUSA "Deaths USA [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaRecoveredUSA "Recovered Cases USA [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaActiveUSA "Active Cases USA [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaCriticalUSA "Critical Cases USA [%,d]"

Number:Dimensionless coronaTestsUSA "Tests USA [%d]"

DateTime coronaUpdatedUSA "Updated USA [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"


Text label="Corona" {
    Frame label="World" {
        Text item=coronaCasesWorld
        Text item=coronaActiveWorld
        Text item=coronaRecoveredWorld
        Text item=coronaDeathsWorld
        Text item=coronaCriticalWorld
        Text item=coronaTestUSA

    Frame label="USA" {
        Text item=coronaCasesUSA
        Text item=coronaActiveUSA
        Text item=coronaRecoveredUSA
        Text item=coronaDeathsUSA
        Text item=coronaCriticalUSA
        Text item=coronaTestsUSA
        Text item=coronaUpdatedUSA