SMA Energy Meter Binding

This Binding is used to display the measured values of a SMA Energy Meter device. It shows purchased and grid feed-in power and energy.

Supported Things

This Binding supports SMA Energy Meter devices.


The Energy Meter is discovered by receiving data on the default multicast IP address.

Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

Thing Configuration

Usually no manual configuration is required, as the multicast IP address and the port remain on their factory set values. Optionally, a refresh interval (in seconds) can be defined.


Channel Description
powerIn Purchased power
powerInL1 Purchased power L3
powerInL2 Purchased power L2
powerInL3 Purchased power L3
powerOut Grid feed-in power
powerOutL1 Grid feed-in power L1
powerOutL2 Grid feed-in power L2
powerOutL3 Grid feed-in power L3
energyIn Purchased energy
energyInL1 Purchased energy L1
energyInL2 Purchased energy L2
energyInL3 Purchased energy L3
energyOut Grid feed-in energy
energyOutL1 Grid feed-in energy L1
energyOutL2 Grid feed-in energy L2
energyOutL3 Grid feed-in energy L3

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