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# D-Link Smart Home Binding

A binding for D-Link Smart Home devices.

# Supported Things

# DCH-S150 (WiFi motion sensor)

The binding has been tested with hardware revisions A1 and A2 running firmware version 1.22.

# Discovery

The binding can automatically discover devices that have already been added to the Wifi network. Please refer to your mydlink Home app for instructions on how to add your device to your Wifi network.

# Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any special configuration.

# Thing Configuration

It is recommended to let the binding discover and add devices. Once added the configuration must be updated to specify the PIN code located on the back of the device.

# DCH-S150

  • ipAddress - Hostname or IP of the device
  • pin - PIN code from the back of the device

To manually configure a DCH-S150 Thing you must specify its IP address and PIN code.

In the Thing file, this looks like e.g.

  Thing dlinksmarthome:DCH-S150:mysensor [ ipAddress="" pin="1234" ]

# Channels

# DCH-S150

  • motion - Triggered when the sensor detects motion.

# Example usage

# DCH-S150

  rule "Landing motion"
      Channel "dlinksmarthome:DCH-S150:90-8D-78-XX-XX-XX:motion" triggered
      println("Motion has been detected")