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# MCP23017 Binding v1

This binding provides native access for MCP23017 16 bit bidirectional I/O expander on I2C bus. Please consider datasheet for IC for future information.

This binding works nicely with openHAB 1.8.3 and 2.0.0 runtimes.

# Binding Configuration

No special configuration is needed.

# Item Configuration

Since MCP23017 is digital IO expander on I2C bus, only two types of items are supported:

  • Contact for pins that used as digital input and
  • Switch for digital output. Find the example below.
Contact Test1 "Test 1" (Tests) { mcp23017="{ address:20, pin:'A0', mode:'DIGITAL_INPUT'}" }

configures pin 0 at bank A (GPA0 on datasheet) as input of the IC on address 0x21

Switch Test2 "Test 2" (Tests) { mcp23017="{ address:21, pin:'B1', mode:'DIGITAL_OUTPUT', defaultState:'LOW'}" }

configures pin 1 at bank B (GPB1 on datasheet) as output of the IC on address 0x21