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# Stiebel Eltron LWZ Binding v1

This binding is used to communicate Stiebel Eltron LWZ heat pumps via a serial interface. The binding is inspired by the work of Monitoring a Stiebel Eltron LWZ (opens new window) which is hosted at Heatpumpmonitor (opens new window) and is written in Python.

The following functionality has been implemented:

  • reading all settings, status, time, and sensor data from the heat pump
  • protocol parse for different versions of LWZ is configurable via xml file. Other versions like 2.16, 4.09, 4.19, 4.38 should be easy to extend as parser configuration can be derived from protocol versions (opens new window).
  • changing settings of number setting parameter in the heat pump (still in beta)
  • updating the time in the heat pump (still in beta)

The binding has been successfully tested with these hardware configurations:

# Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/stiebelheatpump.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
serialPort Yes serial port to use for connecting to the metering device; e.g., COM1 for Windows, /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyUSB0 for Linux
baudRate 9600 No baud rate of the serial interface
serialTimeout 5 No timeout on serial interface, in seconds, when attempting to establish connection
refresh 60000 No perform a module status query every refresh miliseconds
version ? version string of the heatpump. It it used when parsing the heat pump protocol. Example: 2.06.

# Item Configuration

The syntax of an item configuration is shown in the following line in general:

stiebelheatpump="<request definition item name from version xml>"

These request definitions are defined in a version-specific protocol definition file. Here a section from the 2.06 version to read the current measurement values in the heatpump:

<request requestByte="FB" description="Reads measurements" name="CurrentValues">
 <recordDefinition name="CollectorTemperatur" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="4" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="OutsideTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="6" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="FlowTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="8" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="ReturnTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="10" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="HotGasTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="12" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="CylinderTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="14" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="EvaporatorTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="20" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="CondenserTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="22" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="ExtractFanSpeed" dataType="Sensor" scale="1.0" length="1" position="30" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="SupplyFanSpeed" dataType="Sensor" scale="1.0" length="1" position="31" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="ExhaustFanSpeed" dataType="Sensor" scale="1.0" length="1" position="32" unit="°C"/>
 <recordDefinition name="FilteredOutsideTemperature" dataType="Sensor" scale="0.1" length="2" position="34" unit="°C"/>

# Example


Number CylinderTemperature "Boilertemperatur [%.1f °C]" { stiebelheatpump="CylinderTemperature" }

The "CylinderTemperature" is defined in the 2.06.xml protocol parser configuration in the resources of the binding.