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# MCP3424 Binding v1

This binding provides native access for MCP3424 18-bit delta sigma ADC on I2C bus. Please consider datasheet for IC for future information. The binding should work with MCP3422 and MCP3423 also, but was not tested due to lack of hardware.

This binding works nicely with openHAB 1.8.3 and 2.0.0 runtimes.

# Binding Configuration

No special configuration is needed.

# Item Configuration

Since MCP3424 is ADC converter on I2C bus, only two types of items are supported:

  • Number for raw conversion output and
  • Dimmer for conversion output in percent. Percent value is calculated dependent on set resolution. Find the example below.
Number Test1 "Test 1" (Tests) { mcp3424="{address:6C, pin:'CH0', gain:1, resolution:12}" }

returns the raw conversion result on channel 0 (CH1 on datasheet) of the IC on address 0x6C

Dimmer Test2 "Test 2" (Tests) { mcp3424="{address:6C, pin:'CH1', gain:1, resolution:12}" }

returns the conversion result in percent on channel 1 (CH2 on datasheet) of the IC on address 0x6C