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# OpenTherm Gateway Binding

This binding is used to integrate the OpenTherm Gateway into openHAB. The OpenTherm Gateway is a module designed by Schelte Bron that is connected in between a boiler and a thermostat and communicates using the OpenTherm protocol.

More information on the OpenTherm Gateway device can be found at (opens new window)

# Supported Things

The OpenTherm Gateway binding currently only supports one thing, and that's the gateway itself.

# Discovery

The binding does not support auto discovery.

# Binding Configuration

The binding itself does not require any configuration.

# Thing Configuration

The binding is designed to support various ways of connecting to the OpenTherm Gateway device, but currently only supports a TCP socket connection. The configuration settings for the thing are Hostname/IP address and Port, which are used to connect to the gateway, and an automatic connection retry interval in case the connection to the OpenTherm Gateway device is lost.

Parameter Name Description Required Default
ipaddress Hostname or IP address The hostname or IP address to connect to the OpenTherm Gateway. yes
port Port The port used to connect to the OpenTherm Gateway. yes
connectionRetryInterval Connection Retry Interval The interval in seconds to retry connecting (0 = disabled). yes 60

# Channels

The OpenTherm Gateway binding supports the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Only
roomtemp Number Current sensed room temperature yes
roomsetpoint Number Current room temperature setpoint yes
temperaturetemporary Number Temporary override room temperature setpoint no
temperatureconstant Number Constant override room temperature setpoint no
controlsetpoint Number Central heating water setpoint yes
dhwtemp Number Domestic hot water temperature yes
tdhwset Number Domestic hot water temperature setpoint yes
overridedhwsetpoint Number Domestic hot water temperature setpoint override no
flowtemp Number Boiler water temperature yes
returntemp Number Return water temperature yes
outsidetemp Number Outside temperature no
waterpressure Number Central heating water pressure yes
ch_enable Switch Central heating enabled yes
ch_mode Switch Central heating active yes
dhw_enable Switch Domestic hot water enabled yes
dhw_mode Switch Domestic hot water active yes
flame Switch Burner active yes
modulevel Number Relative modulation level yes
maxrelmdulevel Number Maximum relative modulation level yes
fault Switch Fault indication yes
servicerequest Switch Service required yes
lockout-reset Switch Lockout-reset enabled yes
lowwaterpress Switch Low water pressure fault yes
gasflamefault Switch Gas or flame fault yes
airpressfault Switch Air pressure fault yes
waterovtemp Switch Water over-temperature fault yes
oemfaultcode Switch OEM fault code yes
sendcommand Text Channel to send commands to the OpenTherm Gateway device no

# Full Example

# demo.things

Thing openthermgateway:otgw:1 [ ipaddress="", port=8000, connectionRetryInterval=60 ]

# demo.items

Number RoomTemperature "Room temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:roomtemp" }
Number RoomSetpoint "Room setpoint [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:roomsetpoint" }
Number TemporaryRoomSetpointOverride "Temporary room setpoint override [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:temperaturetemporary" }
Number ConstantRoomSetpointOverride "Constant room setpoint override [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:temperatureconstant" }
Number ControlSetpoint "Control setpoint [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:controlsetpoint" }
Number DomesticHotWaterTemperature "Domestic hot water temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:dhwtemp" }
Number DomesticHotWaterSetpoint "Domestic hot water setpoint [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:tdhwset" }
Number DomesticHotWaterSetpointOverride "Domestic hot water setpoint override [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:overridedhwsetpoint" }
Number BoilerWaterTemperature "Boiler water temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:flowtemp" }
Number ReturnWaterTemperature "Return water temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:returntemp" }
Number OutsideTemperature "Outside temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:outsidetemp" }
Number CentralHeatingWaterPressure "Central heating water pressure [%.1f bar]" { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:waterpressure" }
Switch CentralHeatingEnabled "Central heating enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:ch_enable" }
Switch CentralHeatingActive "Central heating active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:ch_mode" }
Switch DomesticHotWaterEnabled "Domestic hot water enabled" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:dhw_enable" }
Switch DomesticHotWaterActive "Domestic hot water active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:dhw_mode" }
Switch BurnerActive "Burner active" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:flame" }
Number RelativeModulationLevel "Relative modulation level [%.1f %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:modulevel" }
Number MaximumRelativeModulationLevel "Maximum relative modulation level [%.1f %%]" { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:maxrelmdulevel" }
Switch Fault "Fault indication" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:fault" }
Switch ServiceRequest "Service required" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:servicerequest" }
Switch LockoutReset "Lockout-reset" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:lockout-reset" }
Switch LowWaterPress "Low water pressure fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:lowwaterpress" }
Switch GasFlameFault "Gas or flame fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:gasflamefault" }
Switch AirPressFault "Air pressure fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:airpressfault" }
Switch WaterOvTemp "Water over-temperature fault" <switch> { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:waterovtemp" }
Number OemFaultCode "OEM fault code" { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:oemfaultcode" }
Text SendCommand "Send command channel" { channel="openthermgateway:otgw:1:sendcommand" }

# demo.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Main Menu" {
    Frame label="OpenTherm Gateway" {
        Text item="RoomTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Room temperature [%.1f °C]"
        Text item="RoomSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Room setpoint [%.1f °C]"
        Setpoint item="TemporaryRoomSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Temporary room setpoint override [%.1f °C]" minValue="0" maxValue="30" step="0.1"
        Setpoint item="ConstantRoomSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Constant room setpoint override [%.1f °C]" minValue="0" maxValue="30" step="0.1"
        Text item="ControlSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Control setpoint [%.1f °C]"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Domestic hot water temperature [%.1f °C]"
        Text item="DomesticHotWaterSetpoint" icon="temperature" label="Domestic hot water setpoint [%.1f °C]"
        Setpoint item="DomesticHotWaterSetpointOverride" icon="temperature" label="Domestic hot water setpoint override [%.1f °C]" minValue="0" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="BoilerWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Boiler water temperature [%.1f °C]"
        Text item="ReturnWaterTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Return water temperature [%.1f °C]"
        Setpoint item="OutsideTemperature" icon="temperature" label="Outside temperature [%.1f °C]" minValue="-40" maxValue="100" step="0.1"
        Text item="CentralHeatingWaterPressure" icon="" label="Central heating water pressure [%.1f bar]"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingEnabled" icon="switch" label="Central heating enabled"
        Switch item="CentralHeatingActive" icon="switch" label="Central heating active"
        Switch item="DomesticHotWaterEnabled" icon="switch" label="Domestic hot water enabled"
        Switch item="DomesticHotWaterActive" icon="switch" label="Domestic hot water active"
        Switch item="BurnerActive" icon="switch" label="Burner active"
        Text item="RelativeModulationLevel" icon="" label="Relative modulation level [%.1f %%]"
        Text item="MaximumRelativeModulationLevel" icon="" label="Maximum relative modulation level [%.1f %%]"        
        Switch item="Fault" icon="" label="Fault indication"
        Switch item="ServiceRequest" icon="" label="Service required"
        Switch item="LockoutReset" icon="" label="Lockout-reset"
        Switch item="LowWaterPress" icon="" label="Low water pressure fault"
        Switch item="GasFlameFault" icon="" label="Gas or flame fault"
        Switch item="AirPressFault" icon="" label="Air pressure fault"
        Switch item="waterOvTemp" icon="" label="Water over-temperature fault"
        Text item="OemFaultCode" icon="" label="OEM fault code"