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# Tesla Binding

This binding integrates Tesla Electrical Vehicles (opens new window). The integration happens through the Tesla Owners Remote API.

# Supported Things

All current Tesla models are supported by this binding. Access is established through a Tesla account as a bridge.

Thing Type Description
account The account provides access to the vehicles.
models A Tesla Model S
model3 A Tesla Model 3
modelx A Tesla Model X
modely A Tesla Model Y


# Auto Discovery

If the authentication with the Tesla Account is done through the openHAB console (see "Bridge Configuration" option 1 below), the account is automatically added to the Inbox.

Furthermore, once an account is configured, it is automatically queried for associated vehicles and an Inbox entry is created for each of them.

# Bridge Configuration

The account bridge requires an OAuth2 refresh token as the only parameter refreshToken.

There are different ways of getting hold of the token:

  1. Use the openHAB console

Run the following command on the console and provide your Tesla account credentials (the same that you use in the official Tesla app):

openhab> smarthome:tesla login
Username (email): [email protected]
Password: topsecret
Attempting login...Attempting login...
Refresh token: xxxxxxxxxx

When successfully doing the login through the console, openHAB will automatically create an Inbox entry that is preconfigured with the refresh token, which you can now simply approve.

Alternatively, you can use the refresh token to textually configure your account bridge or to enter it in a manually created "Tesla Account" thing in the UI.

  1. Provide your credentials in the UI

If you do not want to use the openHAB console, you can also manually create a "Tesla Account" thing in the UI and provide your username and password as parameters (to show them, use the "Show More" button) in the "Edit Thing" view and leave the refresh token parameter field empty.

openHAB will use the provided credentials to retrieve and set the refresh token and automatically delete your password from the configuration afterwards for safety reasons.

# Thing Configuration

The vehicle Things requires the vehicle's VIN as a configuration parameter vin.

Additionally, the optional boolean parameter allowWakeup can be set. This determines whether openHAB is allowed to wake up the vehicle in order to retrieve data from it. This setting is not recommended as it will result in a significant vampire drain (i.e. energy consumption although the vehicle is parking).

# Channels

All vehicles support a huge number of channels - the following list shows the standard ones:

Channel ID Item Type Label Description
autoconditioning Switch Auto Conditioning Turns on auto-conditioning (a/c or heating)
batterylevel Number Battery Level State of the battery in %
chargingstate String Charging State “Starting”, “Complete”, “Charging”, “Disconnected”, “Stopped”, “NoPower”
chargeport Switch Charge Port Open the Charge Port (ON) or indicates the state of the Charge Port (ON/OFF if Open/Closed)
climate Switch Climate Climate status indicator
doorlock Switch Door Lock Lock or unlock the car
insidetemp Number:Temperature Inside Temperature Indicates the inside temperature of the vehicle
location Location Location The actual position of the vehicle
odometer Number:Length Odometer Odometer of the vehicle
speed Number:Speed Speed Vehicle speed

Additionally, these advanced channels are available (while not all of them are available on all vehicle types, like e.g. the sunroof):

Channel ID Item Type Label Description
autoparkstate String Autopark State Undocumented / To be defined
autoparkstyle String Autopark Style Undocumented / To be defined
batterycurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Battery Current Current (Ampere) floating into (+) or out (-) of the battery
batteryheater Switch Battery Heater Indicates if the battery heater is switched on
batteryheaternopower Switch Battery Heater Power Indicates if there is enough power to use the battery heater
batteryrange Number:Length Battery Range Range of the battery
calendarenabled Switch Calendar Enabled Indicates if access to a remote calendar is enabled
centerdisplay Switch Central Display State Indicates the state of the central display in the vehicle
centerrearseatheater Switch Center Rear Seat Heater Indicates if the center rear seat heater is switched on
charge Switch Charge Start (ON) or stop (OFF) charging
chargecable String Charge Cable Undocumented / To be defined
chargecurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Charge Current Current (Ampere) requested from the charger
chargeenablerequest Switch Charge Enable Request Undocumented / To be defined
chargeenergyadded Number:Energy Charge Energy Added Energy added, in kWh, during the last charging session
chargelimit Dimmer Charge Limit Limit charging of the vehicle to the given %
chargelimitmaximum Dimmer Charge Limit Maximum Maximum charging limit of the vehicle, as %
chargelimitminimum Dimmer Charge Limit Minimum Minimum charging limit of the vehicle, as %
chargelimitsocstandard Dimmer Charge Limit SOC Standard Standard charging limity of the vehicle, in %
chargeidealdistanceadded Number:Length "Ideal" Charge Distance Added "Ideal" range added during the last charging session
chargemaxcurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Charge Max Current Maximum current (Ampere) that can be requested from the charger
chargerateddistanceadded Number:Length "Rated" Charge Distance Added "Rated" range added during the last charging session
chargerate Number:Speed Charge Rate Distance per hour charging rate
chargestartingrange String Charge Starting Range Undocumented / To be defined
chargestartingsoc String Charge Starting SOC Undocumented / To be defined
chargetomax Switch Charge To Max Range Indicates if the charging to the maximum range is enabled
chargercurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Charge Current Current (Ampere) actually being drawn from the charger
chargerphases Number Charger Phases Indicates the number of phases (1 to 3) used for charging
chargermaxcurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Charger Maximum Current Maximum current (Ampere) that can be delivered by the charger
chargerpower Number Charger Power Power actually delivered by the charger
chargervoltage Number:ElectricPotential Charger Voltage Voltage (V) actually presented by the charger
driverfrontdoor Contact Driver Front Door Indicates if the front door at the driver's side is opened
driverreardoor Contact Driver Rear Door Indicates if the rear door at the driver's side is opened
drivertemp Number:Temperature Driver Temperature Indicates the auto conditioning temperature set at the driver's side
eventstamp DateTime Event Timestamp Timestamp of the last event received from the Tesla streaming service
estimatedbatteryrange Number:Length Estimated Battery Range Estimated battery range
estimatedrange Number Estimated Range Estimated range of the vehicle
fan Number Fan Indicates the speed (0-7) of the fan
flashlights Switch Flash Lights Flash the lights of the car (when ON is received)
frontdefroster Switch Front Defroster Indicates if the front defroster is enabled
fronttrunk Switch Front Trunk Indicates if the front trunk is opened, or open the front trunk when ON is received
gpstimestamp DateTime GPS Time Stamp Time stamp of the most recent GPS location of the vehicle
heading Number Heading Indicates the (compass) heading of the car, in 0-360 degrees
headingestimation Number Estimated Heading Estimated (compass) heading of the car, in 0 to 360 degrees
honkhorn Switch Honk the Horn Honk the horn of the vehicle, when ON is received
homelink Switch Homelink Nearby Indicates if the Home Link is nearby
idealbatteryrange Number:Length Ideal Battery Range Indicates the Batter Range
lefttempdirection Number Left Temperature Direction Not documented / To be defined
lastautoparkerror String Last Autopark Error Not documented / To be defined
location" advanced="false Location Location The actual position of the vehicle
leftseatheater Switch Left Seat Heater Indicates if the left seat heater is switched on
leftrearseatheater Switch Left Rear Seat Heater Indicates if the left rear seat heater is switched on
leftrearbackseatheater Number Left Rear Backseat Heater Indicates the level (0,1,2 or 3) of the left rear backseat heater
managedcharging Switch Managed Charging Indicates managed charging is active
managedchargingcancelled Switch Managed Charging Cancelled Indicates managed charging is cancelled by the user
managedchargingstart String Managed Charging Start Time Not documented / To be defined
maxcharges Number Max Charges Indicates the number of consecutive "Max Range Charges" performed by the vehicle
minavailabletemp Number:Temperature Minimum Temperature Indicates the minimal inside temperature of the vehicle
maxavailabletemp Number:Temperature Maximum Temperature Indicates the maximum inside temperature of the vehicle
mobileenabled Switch Mobile Enabled Indicates whether the vehicle can be remotely controlled
notenoughpower Switch Not Enought Power Indicates if not enough power (ON) is available to heat the vehicle
notificationsenabled Switch Notifications Enabled Not documented / To be defined
notificationssupported Switch Notifications Supported Not documented / To be defined
outsidetemp Number:Temperature Outside Temperature Indicates the outside temperature of the vehicle
parsedcalendar Switch Parsed Calendar Supported Not documented / To be defined
passengertemp Number Passenger Temperature Indicates the auto conditioning temperature set at the passenger's side
passengerfrontdoor Contact Passenger Front Door Indicates if the front door at the passenger's side is opened
passengerreardoor Contact Passenger Rear Door Indicates if the rear door at the passenger's side is opened
power Number Power Net kW flowing in (+) or out (-) of the battery
preconditioning Switch Preconditioning Indicates if preconditioning is activated
range Number Range Vehicle range - Not documented / To be defined
reardefroster Switch Rear Defroster Indicates if the rear defroster is enabled
remotestartenabled Switch Remote Start Not documented / To be defined
reartrunk Switch Rear Trunk Indicates if the rear trunk is opened, or open/close the rear trunk when ON/OFF is received
remotestart Switch Remote Start Not documented / To be defined
remotestartsupported Switch Remote Start Supported Not documented / To be defined
rightseatheater Switch Right Seat Heater Indicates if the right seat heater is switched on
rightrearseatheater Switch Right Rear Seat Heater Indicates if the right rear seat heater is switched on
rightrearbackseatheater Number Right Rear Backseat Heater Indicates the level (0,1,2 or 3) of the right rear backseat heater
righttempdirection Number Right Temperature Direction Not documented / To be defined
scheduledchargingpending Switch Scheduled Charging Pending Indicates if a scheduled charging session is still pending
scheduledchargingstart DateTime Scheduled Charging Start Indicates when the scheduled charging session will start, in yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss format
shiftstate String Shift State Indicates the state of the transmission, “P”, “D”, “R”, or “N”
sidemirrorheaters Switch Side Mirror Heaters Indicates if the side mirror heaters are switched on
smartpreconditioning Switch Smart Preconditioning Indicates if smart preconditioning is switched on
soc Number State of Charge State of Charge, in %
state String State “online”, “asleep”, “waking”
steeringwheelheater Switch Steering Wheel Heater Indicates if the steering wheel heater is switched on
sunroofstate String Sunroof State “unknown”, “open”, “closed”, “vent”, “comfort”
sunroof Dimmer Sunroof Open or close the sunroof to provided % (0 closed, 100 fully open)
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature Set the temperature of the autoconditioning system. The temperature for the driver and passenger will be synced.
timetofullcharge Number Time To Full Charge Number of hours to fully charge the battery
tripcharging Switch Trip Charging Not documented / To be defined
usablebatterylevel Number Usable Battery Level Indicates the % of battery that can be used for vehicle functions like driving
userchargeenablerequest String User Charge Enable Request Not documented / To be defined
valetmode Switch Valet Mode Enable or disable Valet Mode
valetpin Switch Valet PIN Required Indicates if a PIN code is required to disable valet mode
wakeup Switch Wake Up Wake up the vehicle from a (deep) sleep
wiperbladeheater Switch Wiperblade Heater Indicates if the wiperblade heater is switched on

# Example


Bridge tesla:account:myaccount "My Tesla Account" [ refreshToken="xxxx" ] {
    model3 mycar "My favorite car" [ vin="5YJSA7H25FFP53736"]


Switch               TeslaCharge                 {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:charge"}
Location             TeslaLocation               {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:location"}
Dimmer               TeslaChargeLimit            {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:chargelimit"}
String               TeslaChargeRate             {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:chargerate"}
String               TeslaChargingState          {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:chargingstate"}
Number               TeslaTimeToFullCharge       {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:timetofullcharge"}
Number               TeslaChargerPower           {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:chargerpower"}
DateTime             TeslaScheduledChargingStart {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:scheduledchargingstart"}
Dimmer               TeslaSoC                    {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:soc"}
Number:Speed         TeslaSpeed                  {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:speed"}
String               TeslaState                  {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:state"}
Number               TeslaPower                  {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:power"}
Number:Temperature   TeslaInsideTemperature      {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:insidetemp"}
Number:Temperature   TeslaOutsideTemperature     {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:outsidetemp"}
Switch               TeslaAutoconditioning       {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:autoconditioning"}
Number:Temperature   TeslaTemperature            {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:temperature"}
String               TeslaShiftState             {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:shiftstate"}
Number               TeslaBatteryCurrent         {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:batterycurrent"}
Number               TeslaBatteryLevel           {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:batterylevel"}
DateTime             TeslaEventstamp             {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:eventstamp"}
Number:Length        TeslaOdometer               {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:odometer"}
Number               TeslaHeading                {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:heading"}
DateTime             TeslaGPSStamp               {channel="tesla:model3:myaccount:mycar:gpstimestamp"}


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
			Text label="Car" {
				Text label="Drive" {
					Text item=TeslaEventstamp label="Last Event Timestamp [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tT]"
					Text item=TeslaState label="State [%s]"
					Text item=TeslaSpeed label="Speed [%.1f]"
					Text item=TeslaShiftState label="Shift State [%s]"
					Text item=TeslaOdometer label="Odometer [%.1f km]"
				Text label="Climate" {
					Switch item=TeslaAutoconditioning label="Auto Conditioning"  mappings=[ON=ON, OFF=OFF ]
					Setpoint item=TeslaTemperature step=0.5 minValue=18 maxValue=34 label="Auto Conditioning Temperature [%.1f °C]" icon="temperature"
					Text item=TeslaInsideTemperature label="Inside Temperature [%.1f]"
				Text label="Power" {
					Text item=TeslaBatteryCurrent label="Current [%.1f]"
				Text item=TeslaSoC {
					Switch item=TeslaCharge label="Charge" mappings=[ON=ON, OFF=OFF ]
					Slider item=TeslaChargeLimit label="Charge Limit [%.1f]"
					Text item=TeslaChargingState label="Charging State [%s]"
					Text item=TeslaChargeRate label="Charge Rate [%s]"
					Text item=TeslaScheduledChargingStart label="Charging Start [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tT]"
					Text item=TeslaTimeToFullCharge label="Time To Full Charge [%.1f hours]"