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# VigiCrues Binding

This binding allows you to get data regarding water flow and water height on major French rivers. These data are made public through OpenDataSoft website.

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents a river level measurement station. It is identified by the id.

To get your station id :

  1. open (opens new window)

  2. Select your region on the France map

  3. Select the station nearest to your location

  4. In the 'Info Station' tab you'll get the id just near the station name (e.g. X9999999299)

Of course, you can add multiple Things, e.g. for getting measures for different locations.

# Discovery

This binding does not handle auto-discovery.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
id Id of the station.
refresh Refresh interval in minutes. Optional, the default value is 30 minutes.

# Channels

The VigiCrues information that retrieved are made available with these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
observation-time DateTime Date and time of measurement
flow Number:VolumetricFlowRate Volume of water per time unit
height Number:Length Water height of the river

# Full Example


Thing vigicrues:station:poissy "Station Poissy" @ "VigiCrues" [id="H300000201", refresh=30]
Thing vigicrues:station:vernon "Station Vernon" @ "VigiCrues" [id="H320000104", refresh=30]


Group gVigiCrues "VigiCrues" <flow>
    Number:Length VC_hauteur "Hauteur Eau Poissy [%.2f %unit%]"  <none> (gVigiCrues) {channel="vigicrues:station:poissy:height"}
    Number:VolumetricFlowRate VC_debit "Débit Eau Poissy [%.2f %unit%]" <flow> (gVigiCrues) {channel="vigicrues:station:poissy:flow"}
    DateTime VC_ObservationPTS "Timestamp [%1$tH:%1$tM]" <time> (gVigiCrues) {channel="vigicrues:station:poissy:observation-time" }


sitemap vigicrues label="VigiCrues" {
    Frame {
        Default item=VC_hauteur
        Default item=VC_debit
        Default item=VC_ObservationPTS