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# Ruuvi Tag

This extension adds support for Ruuvi Tag (opens new window) Sensor Beacons.

# Supported Things

Only a single thing type is added by this extension:

Thing Type ID Description
ruuvitag_beacon A Ruuvi Tag Sensor Beacon

Under normal conditions the ruuvitag should submit data every 10 seconds. However, if no data has been retrieved after 1 minute the ruuvitag is set to OFFLINE and the state of channels is set to UNDEF. When new data is retrieved when OFFLINE the ruuvtag is set ONLINE again.

# Discovery

As any other Bluetooth device, Ruuvi Tag Beacons are discovered automatically by the corresponding bridge.

# Thing Configuration

There is only a single configuration parameter address, which corresponds to the Bluetooth address of the device (in format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX").

# Channels

A Ruuvi Tag Smart Beacon has the following channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature The measured temperature
humidity Number:Dimensionless The measured humidity
pressure Number:Pressure The measured air pressure
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential The measured battery voltage
accelerationx Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of X
accelerationy Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Y
accelerationz Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Z
txPower Number:Power TX power
dataFormat Number Data format version
measurementSequenceNumber Number:Dimensionless Measurement sequence number
movementCounter Number:Dimensionless Movement counter

Note: not all channels are always available. Available fields depends on Ruuvi Data Format (opens new window).

# Example


bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon  "RuuviTag Sensor Beacon" (bluetooth:bluez:hci0) [ address="12:34:56:78:9A:BC" ]


Number:Temperature      temperature "Room Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:temperature" }
Number:Dimensionless    humidity    "Humidity [%.0f %unit%]"         { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:humidity" }
Number:Pressure         pressure    "Air Pressure [%.0f %unit%]"     { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:pressure" }

// Examples of converting units
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_ms "Acceleration z [%.2f m/s²]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:accelerationz" }
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_g  "Acceleration z (g-force) [%.2f gₙ]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:accelerationz" }